Many consumers buy a split air conditioner with the intention of acclimating two or more rooms at the same time – that is, all with the same machine. Basically, this practice has two reasons: investment saving (in most cases) and restriction by the physical structure – there is no space to install more than one machine.

Can you acclimatize two rooms with a single Split?

There is nothing to prevent this type of procedure. Each HVAC system reacts in a way after being installed. That is, the elements present in the installation environment may or may not affect performance. Who indicates whether it is possible or not is usually the technical professional, during a previous inspection of the rooms involved. For HVAC Consultation Click here


– Arrangement of walls
– Location of the units, mainly the evaporator
– Technical qualifications of the device to be used

– Type of construction ceiling
– Solar exposure of the structure
– Area footage
– Number of passages such as doors, windows and cracks.

Number of people

These elements are important because they define whether the power and even the type of air conditioner are ideal for a given situation. The air conditioning equipment was not designed to serve more than one room. Therefore, the specifications and variables that would apply in a normal situation, double or triple. According to the configuration of the space, where the installation will be carried out. Tips to improve Air quality

Points to consider in air conditioning adaptations for two environments

  1. In these cases, it is recommended that the air conditioner be oversized. Purchase an appliance with power above the indicated load.
  2. Before purchasing the AC, do the BTU calculation for the two environments separately, then add the two results together.
  3. Each case is different, but in some of them, the air conditioner will not completely freeze the other rooms, keep this in mind. Ensure this with the approval of a technician before making the purchase.
  4. For those who install the indoor unit in corridors connected to the rooms, please note: the cold air that comes out of the unit is heavier than the hot air. Therefore, only a certain area in the rooms will be fresh. This is because the cold air molecules are closer together, making the insufflated air denser.
  5. In cases without technical indication, with the purpose of “savings”.
  6. The equipment does not recognize that it has two environments to freeze.
  7. Your electricity bill will increase due to the strain of the device.
  8. If there is an overload of the device. There is a risk of having maintenance done before the expected.

So, were there any questions about how to use Split air conditioning in two environments? Leave it here in the comments that we’ll help you.


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