Indoor plants can always uplift the nature quotient inside the house or a work place. There are various kinds and types of plants available that one can keep indoors and they can add a lot of aesthetic sense to the home decoration. In fact, the hues of the greens are quite soothing to the eyes against the harsh artificial lights indoor.

One can always buy indoor plants online India but before that one also needs to be sure about how to take proper care of those plants. This is because; if one does not take care of their plants they might die untimely and that is never welcome. Here are some ways in which one can keep their indoor plants healthy:

  • Indoor plants always vary depending on their light requirements. Some of them grow really beautifully under direct sun light and in case of some others, extreme and direct sun light can cause too much harm. Hence one should keep in mind 2 important things when they are categorising their indoor green plants as per their light requirements. Firstly, one has to keep an eye on the positioning and distance of the plants from the windows and the quality of sun light. The other thing is to check the pattern and intensity of the sun light that varies from one season to another.
  • There are some indoor plants that need attention from time to time and there are some which needs minimum attention. But one should not cut their indoor plants from natural lights completely. In case one’s house structure does not allow too much natural light inside then one can redecorate their indoor space accordingly. This is because some natural lights will always make those plants happier.
  • If one keeps observing their plants, they will get to know whether they are getting too much light or not.  If the amount of light is too much for those plants then the leaves will appear weak and faint and it will turn yellow or dull green. But if the plant turns to be more lean or leggy then it means that they need more exposure to lights.
  • Every plant needs the right space to grow. So one should make sure that the plant holders of the plants are neither too big nor too small for them. If the plant is in the wrong size of the holder then they will end up either holding too much of water or too little of water and the plant will anyway not get sufficient nutrients.
  • Also, if one wants their plants to grow up healthy then they need to put them in quality potting soil. One has to use the right amount of soil and then re-pot them from time to time so that the plants remain happy and healthy for longer.
  • Just like sun light one also needs to provide them with proper water. Now the water necessity also varies from one plant to another.

One can always buy plants online in India as lots of varieties are available.


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