Interesting facts about these boxes

Many businesses use gable boxes the UK for their functional style, shape, and appeal. They have handles that make it easy to hold the box. You can get them in custom sizes to fit the product you have. The material you choose for them can also be customized so that you can get the strongest. Businesses use them to market their brand because they stand out from the crowd.

The top four industries using wall enclosures

Here are four industries that use custom gable boxes to promote their brand and products:

To take off

These boxes are used by the take-out industry. They are both recyclable and sustainable and thus attract customers. They are preferred by this industry because toxic chemicals do not enter food through them.  This is an important point to consider when purchasing food packaging. You need to choose one that uses good materials that will not damage the food in any way.

Thanks to the use of natural materials, hot food does not spoil the interior. Food remains protected from contamination and does not taste bad when put in it. The boxes are also easy to deliver. Due to the presence of the handle, there is no risk that the hands will be warmed with hot food. The handle makes it easy to transport hot food without the box breaking and falling. Therefore, take-out food is stored there.


As mentioned above, wholesale gable boxes are great for storing food. They are not only better for taking out, but also for other foods like bakery, confectionery, etc. The material is good for food, so consumers don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into food. They help extend the shelf life of food and stand out from the competition. Different types of printing are possible on the wholesale front boxes. This gives a brand the ability to market itself and attract customers to the product.

For example, a cake box can be as delicious as the cake it contains. If the cake is for a children’s party, the box will be ready and will contain cute pictures.


The clothing industry is huge. There is a lot of competition here with many brands creating unique styles. If a company wants to stand out, it can focus on the quality of the clothes it makes. To attract people to a brand, it is necessary to focus on creating beautiful packing. Gable boxes wholesale are used in the clothing industry. It is possible to pack a lot of things in a large box. This can be done by adding flyers. The company can print them, but they will attract their customers. Some brands leave them blank and add a simple logo and design to primarily appeal to adults. They can also be printed, for example, to store children’s clothing. Depending on who your clothes are intended for, you can design the printed facade boxes. If you are targeting teenagers, you can have some bright and funky colors and patterns. These will attract them. Cardboard front boxes ensure the security of the garment. Clothing should be protected from dust and dirt clinging to it. A safe can do this. The company will have a good impression that it believes it is important that its consumers receive good quality products. Paper facade boxes are environmentally friendly. This way you keep your clothes safe and put your brand in a positive light.

Gift boxes

Gift boxes can be used to wrap gifts. The gift wrap can be nicely placed in it. Many industries offer gifts to consumers. It is used as a marketing technique to gain customers. They try your products and if they like them they will come back for more. Gift boxes can be printed in unique colors and styles, making them perfect for the occasion.  Companies can design them for this purpose, eg. A special for Halloween, Christmas, a wedding, etc. The handle on the top makes them attractive when held. Many freebies can be placed in what the business wants to promote. The box allows you to professionally advertise your business when giving gifts to consumers. A brand logo can be printed as well as a brand message. Wholesale facade boxes are flexible and therefore are used by many industries.

They can store the products safely and thus give a good impression of the brand. When these boxes first hit the market, they were used to package food.  Thanks to advancements in the packaging industry, they can now be perfectly used for many types of products. The boxes are also preferred by customers because they are easy to hold. They also have reusable benefits.  Customers now like to buy items packaged in environmentally friendly boxes. They want to stay away from companies that don’t want to limit their CO2 footprint. Sprocket boxes are cost-effective. You don’t waste money organizing the return of damaged products.

Keep your packaging relevant

It’s important to make sure you’re using the right design to appeal to the demographic you’re targeting. Patterns that don’t fit on a product’s packing or conflict with how the product will be used just don’t work. The more specific a design, the more likely it is to attract buyers who want to buy something that suits their tastes. Therefore, make sure you are using the right gable box packaging design for the right product. For example, a design that looks attractive on a soda pop would be completely out of place on a beauty product and send the wrong message.


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