Sexual dysfunction means low desire towards a sexual activity that happens with both males and females. In Ayurveda, sexual dysfunction is named Klaibya. It is entirely different from asexuality where a person is having any functional and structural deformity in reproductive organs. Sexual dysfunction occurs in the age group after the monarchy. It can be caused by physical problems, medical conditions like heart diseases, hormonal imbalance, psychological problems. In Ayurveda gap of 4 days between 2 consecutive intercourse is recommended healthy and beneficial for humans. They are categorized into 4 types- 

DESIRE DISORDERS- This disorder shows loss of interest in sexual intercourse due to low hormonal levels, Diabetes, cardiac disease, and stress. 

AROUSAL DISORDER- This disorder leads to difficulty in the aroused state during sexual activity. Example-Erectile dysfunction in males. 

ORGASM DISORDER- When orgasm is an absent or delayed orgasm is noticed in females after sexual activity reduces the interest of female towards sexual intercourse. 

PAIN DISORDERS- Feeling of pain during sexual intercourse due to vaginal infection, Urinary tract infection in males and females also leads to sexual dysfunction. 


LOSS OF LIBIDO- Due to decrease in levels of testosterone hormone in body and day to day stress levels. Males suffer from a lack of interest in sexual activities. 

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION- Inability to have an erection or maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction. This disorder is mainly due to diabetes, dyslipidemia, stress, and depression. 

PREMATURE EJACULATION- During sexual intercourse, if males are unable to maintain an erection and ejaculate immediately due to sexual anxiety, trauma is known as premature ejaculation


LOSS OF LIPIDO- Due to a decrease in levels of estrogen hormone in females, interest in sex is lost. It is caused due to stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. 

DRYNESS OF VAGINA- After menopause, some females complain of dryness in the vagina and hence pain during sexual intercourse. To overcome pain women develop anxiety and fear towards sex.

PAIN DURING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE- Medical conditions like endometriosis, vaginitis, fungal infection, viral infection in the vagina leads to pain during sex and burning sensation, bleeding in the genitals. 

ORGASM CONCERN- Inability to orgasm affects females psychologically thus causing disinterest towards sexual activity. 


In Ayurveda, sexual disorders are treated and summed up in Vajikarna therapy where Vaji means- Horse. Vajikarna means to have sexual activity like a horse with full strength. It is one of the major treatments mentioned in Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda a male below 17 and more than 70 years of age should not consume Vajikarna preparations and these preparations should be consumed by a man who has control over his senses and desires (Jitendriya Purusha). 


Vajikarna therapy is said to revitalize all the 7 dhatus (ras, rakt, mass, medh, asthi, maja, shukra) and restores equilibrium and health. Rasayna drugs act on neuro-endocryno-immuno systems and improve reproductive systems. They act on higher centers of the brain hence relieves stress, anxiety associated with sexual desire and performance. 

Vajikarna Chikitsa 

Vajikarna chikitsa includes various methods of Shodhan (body cleansing through Vaman, Virechan, and Swedan). After Shodhan certain herbal and herbo-mineral combinations are prescribed according to Prakriti of individual imbalance. Another component of this therapy includes improving health, massaging with medicated herbal oils, herbal baths, wearing fragrant gurnards, applying fragrant herbal paste to the body, listening to music. 

Effective Ayurvedic Medicines- To treat Sexual disorders Ayurvedic medicines are a must. They have long-lasting results. 

Other mandatory lifestyle changes that are required are-

YOGA and MEDITATION- Practicing Yoga and meditation provide strength to both physical and mental well-being which is also essential to be maintained to recover from sexual disorders. 

DIETARY CHANGES- Intake of dairy products (Madhur ras), sweets, nuts, urad daal to be consumed daily. Intake of Cow’s desi ghee in the diet is recommended. 

Following tastes should be avoided for a speedy recovery-

  • Katu- Pungent
  • Tikth- Bitter
  • Kashaya- Astringent
  • Spicy
  • Hot 
  • Avoid consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Smoking.

SLEEP- A patient is advised to have at least 6-8 hours of sound sleep without any stress for relaxing the mind completely. 

EXERCISE- 20-30 minutes of walk or some aerobic exercise is advised to keep physical strength intact.  Summary- Sexual dysfunctions are categorized as the inability of a man to perform a sexual act or incomplete performance which leads the female partner partially or totally dissatisfied. This symptom is mentioned in Charaka and different methods to overcome this disease are permanent and safe.


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