Hosting holiday parties can be fun but also a bit daunting. While you want your home to look great, now is not the right time to make major renovations. You’re probably already busy and have plenty of time to prepare for the event. Focus on the rooms where guests will be spending time.

Lighten the path

This time of year the sun sets earlier than usual, so it is important to ensure that your front door is clear and well lit. Focus on your front yard if you have a large one. If necessary, replace or install porch lights. Remove any obstructions to the walkway by trimming shrubbery. Open the blinds at the front windows to let your guests see inside your festive, warm home. This is a great way of creating a feeling of welcome anticipation.

Take care of your bottom line

Your home is your place. This is what our mothers used to say, and it’s still true. Clean floors make your house look cleaner.

Even if it’s not possible to clean the entire house before the gathering, ensure that your floors are cleaned before any guest enters.

Brighten up your bathroom

This is an easy and inexpensive way to remove grimy grout from your bathroom. It’s that simple! The next step is to add flowers, holiday decorations, or photos on the wall to enhance your powder room and make it ready for your guests.

Get your kitchen appliances tuned up

Your kitchen appliances are the heart of any holiday party. They should be functional and ready to go. Check that all stove burners work. If you haven’t cleaned the oven in a while, now is the time. Check the refrigerator to make sure it is clean.

Your space should be kid-friendly

You will ensure that your home is welcoming to children and their parents, which will make them feel happy. You’re lucky if you have children who are the same age as your guests. If not, you might consider adding thoughtful touches to make the parents feel more at ease and relieve boredom.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started. A spare bedroom or upstairs bedroom can be transformed into a private changing/nursing area for a new mother. Younger children and toddlers will be more comfortable being near their parents. We love to make the dessert course an activity for older children. You could bake large quantities of sugar cookies with holiday shapes and let the kids (and their parents) decorate their cookies using different colors of frosting.

These are just some ideas to get you started. You can transform an upstairs or spare bedroom into a private area for breastfeeding. Younger children and toddlers will feel more at home if they are near their parents. The dessert course can be made an activity for older children. You could make large quantities of sugar cookies in holiday shapes, and then let your children (and their parents!) decorate the cookies with different frosting colors. After searching for the perfect home for months, making offers, and sometimes competing with other buyers, you finally have a deal. Even though it was a lengthy negotiation, the seller and you reached an agreement. Too often, the first step to many rounds of negotiation is signing a contract.


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