Are you experiencing some unpleasant smell drifting from the drain in your house? In that case, you need to quickly look at the drainage system and get it cleaned. The source of strange smell would be the blocked drain in your house, and it might lead to the spread of dangerous bacteria and germs. You can do the cleaning yourself and fix the problem with the maintenance tips from the expert. When none of the tip’s work, you need to call a plumber to unclog the drains.

Follow the steps to clean the drain like a pro and get rid of foul odors for a long time.

Remove Potential Drain Clogs

plumber trying to remove clogged sinks

Source: Shutterstock (plumber trying to remove clogged sinks)

A plumber would first check any kind of blockage in the sink, toilet, or shower area that leads to slow draining. Obviously, if you check yourself, the first thing that will come to your mind is to clean the buildup of some kind. Before this step, you need to think about any potential clogs. A regular plunger available in every household can be used to remove such clogs. You can use it for sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and get rid of slow draining.

Remove Hair Clogs

The plumber removes the blockage in the pipes

Source: Shutterstock (The plumber removes the blockage in the pipes)

Homeowners would always have the complaint of hair clogs that create a blockage in the shower area. So, if you have family members with long hair, your plumber will have a simple suggestion of using a barbed drain cleaning tool. This tool can clean up clogs near the drain opening and you can find it in home improvement stores. Simply twist the barbed tool down the drain opening and pull it back. It will collect the hairs from your drains, and you can remove them from your pipes. If this budget drains cleaning method works, you will not have to check the septic field.

Eliminate Odors

Eliminate Odors

Source: Shutterstock (Eliminate Odors)

Cleaning the drain would also remove foul odor, and you can prevent such smell and grease by using white vinegar, baking soda, and hot water. This combination will remove the odor due to the increase in bacteria and organic residue in the drain. You should pour an equal proportion of baking soda and white vinegar to clean out residue from your drains. Wait for some time to let the mixture settle down and further pour boiling water down the drain. It will clean stains and remove deposits to get rid of the odor of your drain.

Melt Grease Clogs

Melt Grease Clogs by plumber

Source: Shutterstock (Melt Grease Clogs by plumber)

Your plumber would also suggest using a heating pad if your drains are clogged due to excessive oil disposal. It is a simple step where you need to cover the sink pipe with a heating pad, turn it on and let the pipe warm-up for some time. Turn off the heating pad and slowly run the mixture of detergent and hot water through the drain. The accumulated grease and dirt will get clear soon.

Take Off the Trap Under the Sink

Take Off the Trap Under the Sink

Source: Shutterstock (Take Off the Trap Under the Sink)

At times, the j-shaped sink trap is removed to reach the clog. You will find a built-in strainer under the sink which is known as a “trap”. Remove it by using a wrench and clean it to remove the clogs from your drains. Keep a bucket close by when you remove the trap so that water drains from the pipe easily.

In this way, you can take a few steps to clean up the drain and avoid further clogging issues. Now, it is important to perform regular maintenance. Keep your drains clean and clear with a few basic steps regularly. Contact a licensed plumber if the smelly or clogged drain is not solved with regular efforts.


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