Many who were on the eve of an exchange program ended up having to postpone the trip due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gradually, news emerged from countries making their economic reopening, when the dreaded “second wave” arrived, followed by news about vaccination across the globe. All of this makes us wonder: but when will exchange and tourism actually resume?

The date is still unclear for a number of reasons related to COVID-19, but let’s see which exchange countries are closest to that and why. The fact is that the next few weeks will be critical to define what the vaccination schedule will be in each exchange country and what will be mandatory for visitors.

Finally, analyze India, because it is useless for countries to open up if the doors are closed to countries that still have many infected. At the same time, some people embarked in 2020, even considering the health risks and even deportation in some countries. If this is your decision, follow all safety protocols and enjoy your experience!

1 – New Zealand Reopening

The exchange country closest to economic opening is New Zealand. According to a survey carried out by British consultancy Brand Finance, New Zealand was the country that best dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic.

In late January, two new cases of the South African variant of the coronavirus were confirmed, despite strict border controls. These two new cases ended more than two months without community infections.

Still, the country has made one of the world’s most effective controls on the pandemic, totaling just 26 deaths so far, and absolutely no deaths since February 2021. For New Zealand Visa

Therefore, New Zealand will probably be the first country to reopen the exchange
Despite being the region with the best control, recently the country registered a new increase in infections due to the presence of the delta variant, more contagious, in the region, which could mean a setback in terms of pandemic control in the country. For now, the borders remain closed, with no opening forecast until February 2022, at least.

Vaccine in New Zealand:

Vaccination in New Zealand only started in March, a little later than in other countries.

To date, more than 60% of the New Zealand population has received at least the first dose of the vaccine.

2 – Pandemic in Australia

Australia, hailed throughout the pandemic for its excellent handling of the situation. It has recently faced a major delta variant outbreak in its territory. In this sense, the country reached its record of Covid-19 cases in the last week. registering for the first time in the history of the pandemic more than a thousand infections.

Australia’s borders are currently closed to Indians. A recent statement from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison showed that the country is considering opening the borders. For Australian Visa Consult here

Immunization in Australia:

Vaccination in Australia began at the end of February and, so far, more than 18.9 million doses have been applied. It corresponds to about 72% of the population immunized with at least the first dose.

3 – Exchange and Covid in Ireland

Ireland has had a hard time since the beginning of the pandemic. After a disastrous second wave, the country again faced a huge increase in the number of cases and deaths in January, which was considered the worst month of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland.

Since January, however, the number of cases in Ireland has declined significantly. This, together with the country’s vaccination schedule, could be a good sign.

Ireland recently reopened its borders to India tourists. Therefore, it is necessary to present a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours before arrival in the country and to undergo quarantine.

Furthermore, regarding the level of restriction, the country classified its provinces (Counties) into 5 levels, with 1 – Blue being the most free and 5 – Red being the most restrictive. See the map to see which County is on which level and understand what each level means here.

Covid vaccinations in Ireland:

The coronavirus vaccination campaign in Ireland started in the first week of January 2021. Vaccines were first administered to health professionals and staff and residents of long-term care facilities.

In the country, the vaccines AstraZeneca, Moderna, Janssen and Pfizer are being applied. So far, more than 6.7 million doses have been applied, corresponding to more than 68% of the population fully vaccinated.

5 – United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, which is one of the main exchange destinations. It is also one that has been suffering the most from the coronavirus. After denying the importance of the pandemic. They became one of the countries with the highest number of infected and killed.

In January 2021, the country had a great increase in the number of infected. Reaching the sad mark of 100,000 deaths, being the first European country to reach this worrying number.

After a significant decrease in the number of cases, with very few deaths related to Covid-19 throughout the month of May. The country has again experienced a large outbreak of Covid-19, recording the highest number of deaths since March/2021.

Still, the UK has recently opened its borders to vaccinated tourists from the US and the European Union. For Latin American countries, the restrictions are still in effect. That is, those who arrive still need to go through a period of quarantine.

UK, the pioneer in immunization:

Despite all the concern and difficulty that the UK is facing with the new wave and the new variant of Covid-19. Vaccines are the point of hope that encourages the population. USA Travel tips


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