Dangers when using caustic soda for unclogging:

Sewer and pipe clogging is a very common problem in any home or business. Pipes that receive a lot of oil and grease are prone to clogging because of the buildup of these materials inside the pipe.

When searching for solutions to this problem, there is always the recommendation to use caustic soda for unclogging. By the way, this is a solution that is passed from generation to generation, as it is a common technique to eliminate clogging.

In addition to being dangerous to the health of those handling the solution, caustic soda can also harm the pipe itself in different ways.

We does not advise the use of this substance for unclogging, however, we understand the tradition that this product has in the market. Still, let’s expose our considerations on this subject.

Does caustic soda work for unclogging?

Caustic soda can actually work for different types of clogging. It works very simply. As it is a highly corrosive product, it ends up dissolving the reason for the obstruction.

However, a lot needs to be considered in this question. First is that soda only works on completely organic products. Any physical obstruction with other material will not solve the problem.

It is also necessary to consider the dangers of using caustic soda to unclog certain environments.

Check out some of these dangers and risks.

Risks of using caustic soda for unclogging:

The first risk is directly linked to health hazards. Many people forget, but caustic soda is a powerful corrosive chemical solution. Skin contact is enough to cause severe chemical burns.

Many people use caustic soda next to hot water. However, the reaction between these two elements is quite strong, which causes a strong bubbling of the soda. In a quick oversight it is possible that the person gets burned with the product.

Working with caustic soda is a task that requires a lot of protective equipment. Mainly mask, goggles, gloves and rubber boots. The vapor released by caustic soda is harmful to health and should be avoided.

Mishandling without the necessary equipment poses a great health risk. For Drain Cleaning Services Click Here

Dangers of Caustic Soda to the Pipe:

It’s not just people who are at risk from using lye, pipes and plumbing also suffer from this problem! As we talked about, soda is a corrosive material.

While it doesn’t have enough strength to corrode the pipes, it manages to soften the material and damage the entire structure. You may be able to unclog the pipe, however, it may end up softening the PVC and damaging the entire structure.

When this product comes into contact with water, it undergoes a reaction that heats it to more than 100ºC. This temperature softens the material of the PVC pipes.

This can cause breakage, leaks and cracks. Problems that are much more complicated to be solved than a clogging.

We also have another point much discussed by several people about the clogging caused by the caustic soda itself.

The soda, when in contact with oil/fat and water, can end up solidifying inside the pipe, almost turning into a soap.

This is a type of clogging that tends to be a lot of work, as it is difficult to remove.

The soda ends up hardening along with the other materials inside the pipe, considerably reducing the water flow.

Generally, blockages caused by caustic soda need to be resolved by professional companies. It’s not uncommon for people to throw even more soda to solve this problem, doubling the damage.

Do not use caustic soda to unclog pipes!

The tip that We offers to its customers is not to use caustic soda to unclog pipes! This can avoid several risks and a series of problems for the piping that can end up being much more expensive than contracting with a professional unclogging company.

To avoid problems with clogging, nothing better than preventing it, right? So a good tip is to use hot water! For Home Improvement in Dubai you can consult here

Once a week, heat 1 liter of water and pour it through the kitchen plumbing. Then add another liter of cold water. In this procedure, the hot water melts the grease and the cold water pushes it into the pipe and out of the pipeline.

By doing this, the chances of a blockage are lessened and you can be calmer for much longer.


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