When there are times when a manufacturer thinks they have done everything in the book they are supposed to, they at times feel like they are still missing something. They manufactured a high end product. They got themselves packaging boxes. They pretty much have covered it all. But wait just a minute right there. Did we hear you say boxes? Just Boxes? Plain and simple packaging? Do you have any clue what you just did? You’re talking about a packaging choice that has absolutely no customization feature at all. If all of this is true, then we have identified the problem. Because you have no idea of the many wonders Custom Packaging can do for your brand and product alike. In fact, it’s one of the best marketing tools you can use today to make your brand recognized.

In saying that, you should also ensure that your packaging has the following features. Because if they don’t, your packaging boxes will be a huge mess.

Was There An Element Of Sustainability In Your Packaging?

When a company shows insensitivity toward the nature and earth, customers are not really pleased with that. Today, every second person on earth wants to preserve and save it. Which is why creating waste is simply out of question. They are now inclined toward the Green factor. So when you are mindful of this fact and you use a packaging material that is recyclable, disposable or reusable, the customers will not only love it but recommend you to others too. But if you go the complete opposite, customers will never love your products or will want to even buy them. It would be best in your favor to use packaging material to the least. At the same time, it should be recyclable or disposable. Customers or your-self should be able to reuse it. Also, you need to be mindful of customizing your packaging too. Because using a standard sized box means you having to use fillers to keep your products in place. Another unappealing way to create unnecessary waste. No customer is going to like that mind you. They don’t want to be the one to dispose something, a waste you were responsible for.

Did You Update Your Packaging To The Latest Trends?

We are living in an age today that demands appeal and excitement in everything from the product to the packaging. Therefore, when you are designing your packaging, you need to stay away from all those styles that reflect the 50s. You’re not living that time anymore. We are trying imply here that you need a packaging updated and to the latest trends. It should not be boring, dull or something that will remind the customers of the Stone Age. Customers are always looking for something that can excite them, something that will appeal to their sense. A thrilling and entertaining choice will simply make them buy the product. Its best that first you do a bit of research and find out all about the ongoing trends. Try to design your packaging according to your trends. Not following the trends mean you are losing customers every second.

Was Your Packaging Exciting Enough?

Would you look at something that is super dull and boring? I wouldn’t! It simply doesn’t appeal at all. Which is why the customers will want something that is exciting enough to appeal to them and intrigue their senses. They want a product that is packed in a box that can take their unboxing experience to a completely new level. Every customer seeks out the best unboxing experience that is elevated to a new height they wish to remember for years to come. But a packaging that simply fails to grab the customer’s attention is one of the worst choices you can ever make in terms of packaging. Which is why it’s important for you to have a packaging design that can grab the immediate attention of your customers. As soon as they scan the shelves, they are drawn to the packaging and to the product thus.

Did You Ensure a Suitable Balance Between The Packaging And Your Packed Goods?

You at times put your product in a packaging that when you see the two together, it’s a complete mishmash. There is no balance, no harmony between the two. Nothing in common at all. It looks as if you took some random box, took your product out of no concern and just placed it within the box without a care. This kind of thing is completely wrong for a brand that is trying to set its mark in the market with a stiff competition up ahead. You need to make sure that your packaging and the product both have a balance between each other. From the content, context, color scheme, images, patterns, to textures, everything needs to blend perfectly. The box should give a feel that is was meant for the product.

Did You Write Content That Customers Can Easily Read And Is Accurate?

You need to give information on your packaging. It’s a good thing to do because customers always look for something informative to get an idea about the product. But what annoys the customers is you giving out false information. Not only will they feel a bit betrayed, they will also refrain from buying your products too. Even bad? They can tell others too about it. Similarly, when you use a font that is not the right reading size, or is not readable at all, this too is going to frustrate the customers. What’s the point of putting up content when the font you’ve used is hard to understand? There may be a possibility that a certain class or age may be able to read it. But what if the elderly can’t make out your font. Or the kids. Therefore, you need to use a font that everyone can easily comprehend. Also, the size needs to be accurate too. They will definitely choose another brand over yours. This is definitely not why you put up your product in the first place. You want them to choose you over other brand but then you are driving them away yourself.

Regardless of your product, whatever you may be selling, your Cartridge Packaging should comply with certain factors in a way that they can make their mark in the market and yours too. Same way, the packaging should be able to increase yours sales too considerably.

Custom Packaging

When you are finding it hard to get your products to sell, it’s high time you change the look and appeal of your Custom Packaging. Perhaps what you are doing is not right and that’s why there are no sales for you.


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