Ever since the drastic change in regulations of different states in the US. A lot of brands selling cannabis products have been launched.

This seems to have happened overnight.

People once bound to sell their cannabis products openly have now turned into founders of exponentially growing. Businesses based around sales of cannabis products for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Although majority of these business owners are experts in the formulation of products out of cannabinoids. They aren’t too good in branding and design.

This can be witnessed when we look at the existing cannabis brands that’ve done branding design and marketing.

But then, a few other brands have done an exceptional job at branding, design, and marketing their business.

In this post, we’ll shed light over:

  • Logo design for cannabis packaging
  • Cannabis packaging design

Let’s dive deeper:

What’s Problematic with Present-day Marijuana Branding

There’s rapid growth in cannabis businesses run by experts that have a lot of knowledge about their products. But when it comes to advanced marketing or brand building, they seem to lack this skill – a lot! In reality, it takes much more than creating an edgy logo or clever typography if you’re looking to build a strong cannabis brand. This holds true, especially when you’re in a fast-budding industry that’s seeing continual ups and downs on legal grounds. Modern branding is built upon why people should buy your products, and why should they continue to do so in the next 20 years. It’s to say that, your brand’s values should have an influence on your branding. Whereas, you’ll see that the branding done by most cannabis brands is being done based on the product or its effects on users.

You might know what your brand stands for, but what about your customers, do they know?

A brand book can be a useful source in this regard. Or you can simply answer some questions about what your brand is? What values does it stand for? Your cannabis brand’s vision?. Why should people bother to buy only your cannabis products?

And then translate these aspects onto your branding.

With clearly defined parameters, it’s much straightforward to develop a logo, color scheme, and all-ranging list of other branding elements that help you put your brands’ values into its visual appearance.

Design of Logo & its Branding

Different shapes depict different elements. Such as:

  • An umbrella signals to keeping dry
  • Flames imply heat
  • Intertwined cycle-like arrows represent recycled packaging

Whereas, the edgy green leaf sign with seven pointy sides implies CBD, THC, and just about anything to do with products containing cannabinoids. The majority of cannabis brands do not hesitate from placing the green leaf on the front of their cannabis product packaging boxes. Different brands go for different innovative ideas to show the green leaf sign – if they feel like avoiding to color it in green or showing its real picture. With so many new weed brands popping up, most of them use the green leaf as an easy way to do branding for their business.

However, cannabis products businesses that want to future-proof their business take more of a subtle approach to their business’ branding so their brand can continue to live on as explained above.

These brands use just some subtle overtones of the pointy leaf structure so it doesn’t dominate their branding and distinguishes them from the rest of the competition. Some brands even completely quash the green leaf and do superb branding.

Coming to the Design of Cannabis Packaging

The designing of your cannabis packaging plays a huge role in developing customers’ perceptions and showing off your product to customers.

When it comes to delivering or sending away your primary packaging to e-commerce customers, your secondary packaging i.e. the box containing primary packaging is the first physical touchpoint for the customers. So, making a perfect first impression with an unforgettable unboxing experience is very important to the short-term as well as long-term success of your brand.

If sustainability is one of your brand’s core values, then go for a biodegradable poly mailer to send our CBD or THC products to your valued customers. These lightweight bags decompose easily.


Keeping the above aspects in mind, you can take your marijuana product brand to a next level. This will be done by consciously incorporating the elements discussed above in your mind while forming a design strategy for your custom packaging boxes.


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