You can now qualify for Mississippi medical marijuana card, on November 3rd, 2020, this state voted to legalize medical marijuana by approving initiative 65. 74% of Mississippi supported this program. This program allows people living with one of the 22 medical marijuana qualifying conditions to get up to 5 oz of medical marijuana monthly.

Getting Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card Online

The medical marijuana program is not live in Mississippi. The health department has to finish some advertising, tracking procedures, and product labeling by July 2021. If you are 18 years and older, you can apply for this card. If you are younger, you can apply for the card with the help of a guardian. The state of Mississippi allows you to consume up to 5 oz of medical marijuana per month.

The application process for medical marijuana in Mississippi you can first register online. You can look for a doctor online and qualify for this medication.

You can go for your appointment and discuss with your physician the reason. Why you need a medical marijuana card. If he approves your condition, your doctor will give you a certificate that recommends you for the medical marijuana program. You will use this certificate to apply for the card. You will receive your medical marijuana card.

Mississippi Online Medical Marijuana Evaluation

The online evaluation for medical marijuana is easy and fast. The consultation process easy and secure. You will have to meet up with a registered medical officer who is well familiar with issuing certificates. They will speak to you about your condition and history. Thorough consultation, your doctor will decide if medical marijuana is the perfect solution for your situation. If the application becomes successful, the doctor will offer you a certification to upload it to the Mississippi government. If this application becomes unsuccessful, you will not need to pay a consultation fee.

The Cost for Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

We do not have a clear idea of how much the consultation would cost for the Mississippi medical marijuana program. Insurance is not available to cover this medication. Marijuana is illegal at the federal level.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

Agitation of Dementia

The essential factor to consider across someone who has dementia is the cause. Study shows that discomforts were the leading cause of agitation in a nursing home. This condition includes some non-aggressive behaviors like restlessness and verbal agitation. It has called out.

It is natural you will concern with some side effects that affect your loved ones.


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neurological disorder that makes your muscles weak, affecting your physical functions. It involves the nerve cells and spinal cord, and this will change your way of life. If you have this condition, you will experience muscle loss, loss of strength, muscle spasms, and twitching. You lose some weight. Medical marijuana will help make your life easier by providing relief.


In Mississippi, those who have autism qualify for medical marijuana. You can use health medical marijuana, reduce seizures and reduce inflammation that autistic patients experience in the brain. Cannabis helps your brain to function well, and this makes life easy for those who have autism.


Patients who have Cachexia commonly experience weight loss. If you have this condition, you will lack appetite, which is why you will lose weight. You might experience severe fatigue, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, and nausea. This medication would help to stimulate their appetite, and you will not lose too much weight.


Cancer is among the medical marijuana qualifying conditions in Mississippi. Medical marijuana for those battling cancer or have cancer will relieve symptoms that come with this condition. Cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, most patients experience a lack of appetite, leading to unexpected weight loss.

If you are experiencing nausea and vomiting, this medication fits you. These are symptoms of cancer chemotherapy and radiation. You can use medical marijuana in the form of standard vaporization of flowers to help you with these symptoms. Medical marijuana will help you to get sleep. Cancer patients have sleepless nights pain and anxiety. The medical help to reduce chronic pain.

Chronic Pain

Most people use medical marijuana. If you have chronic pain that does not go after treatment, this medication fits you. According to research, most people in America use medical marijuana to relieve chronic pain.

Crohn’s Disease




Huntington’s Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle Spasticity

Muscular Dystrophy


Parkinson’s Disease


Sickle-cell Anemia

Spinal cord disease

Ulcerative Colitis

Final Thought

Follow the above guidelines if you want to qualify for a Mississippi medical marijuana card. After getting a card, you will go to the treatment centers to buy medical marijuana.


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