If you do not have enough money to invest and want to start your business setup, you must look for options that allow you to stand with minimal investment. If you are dedicated and committed to your business, you will undoubtedly succeed.

Dubai is one of the top few cities globally that offers a favourable environment to global entrepreneurs and investors. Countless foreign investors have become millionaires and billionaires by investing in their field of business in this emirate of UAE. Investors usually assume that investing in Dubai will lead to an expense of a lot of saved money to secure optimal benefits. However, the fact is, Dubai offers a perfect environment for business and also encourages investors through various schemes and offers for business setup in Dubai or elsewhere in the country. Additionally, company formation cost is very reasonable if you compare the facilities and opportunities you get.

This article intends to throw some light on some of the low investment business ideas in Dubai or other emirates of UAE.

Low investment Business Ideas in Dubai

Here we provide you with the list of low investment business ideas in Dubai. Opt for the one that suits your tastes and business acumen.

1. Food Business

The restaurant business has always been one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai. With people from all over the world visiting Dubai either to start a business or for professional purposes or leisure trips, the food business is expected to deliver the desired return on investment. However, a restaurant will require a good initial investment to attract the right people to associate with you. Therefore, you can start with some affordable alternatives at the beginning. 

  • Catering and Food Delivery – You do not need to open a shop to start a catering business. You can manage space for the preparation of food at your home. Use social media to spread the word about your services, and you can do it all by yourself without spending even a single penny. If you can deliver quality food and service, your customers will help in word of mouth publicity. You can also start home delivery of your food or even provide pickup for those willing to pick their food from your doorstep.
  • Cakes and Bakes – Bakery production is another prevalent business in Dubai. If you are skilled in baking, you can contact location bakery shops and eating joints and start providing good quality bakery products at competitive rates. Always keep some samples at the bakeries so that bakeries can present them to their customers for sales. Once many buyers accept your product, you can increase your production and increase supply to more bakeries in your locality or even outside.

It is essential to maintain quality and taste and provide on-time delivery for success in the food business.

2. Consultation Service

In recent times, consultancy services have emerged as one of the most lucrative options. As a result, more and more qualified and talented professionals are making careers out of consultancy. Many have even started their own business as it proves to be very profitable in today’s world. However, the world has transformed so rapidly in the last two decades that many people find it difficult to adjust.

Low Investment Business Ideas
Business people shaking hands together

People lack awareness of many things. They want someone to assist them with in-depth knowledge and provide the right advice. This is when consultancy service becomes essential. In Dubai, you can start a consultancy business if you are a qualified and experienced individual informed in at least one particular domain. It is a low investment business idea you can begin in Dubai (UAE).

Some Consulting Business License you can obtain in Dubai

  • Legal Consultant
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Business Consultation
  • IT Consultation and Digital Marketing
  • Real Estate Consultancy

3. Content Writing and Copywriting

Digital media has increased the need for digital content. In this age of digital transformation, content has become one of the essential tools to make your business look appealing to your audience. Whether web content, blogs, articles, news, ads, online ads, brochures, marketing materials, videos, or anything, you cannot communicate with your audience without content. This has increased the demand for content writers and developers. Therefore, content writing is one field in which you can think of starting your business. Once you build an identity, you can make a team of content writers and copywriters to provide content to companies and digital marketing agencies. It is one of the low investment business areas in Dubai.


Above, we have discussed some of the low investment business ideas in Dubai. Dubai is favourable for young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. And you can use it in your favour to benefit from it. If you are not aware of the process and find it confusing, you can always hire a professional business setup consultant in Dubai for guidance.


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