Guns are a part of American heritage as they are intertwined with their history from matchlock muskets. Unfortunately, as time passed, gun literacy declined significantly. Now, it is like people shoot more but know less. It has become the main reason for increased gun violence and terror.

To get a better understanding of firearms, we have created this guide to guns. Here, we look at the weapon as a tool and study its history and how different firearms function. Moreover, you will get an insight into various body armor accessories and gun parts for sale

Guide to Common Firearms and Gun Parts for Sale

All guns available in online gun stores in the USA and other vendors are categorized into two main types: long guns and short guns. These types are discussed below:

Long Guns

1-      Bolt-Action Rifle

A bolt action rifle is the simplest form of a firearm on the market. It is shot manually by shifting forward a bolt, pulling the trigger, and then pulling back the bolt to free the empty cartridge. You push the bolt forward again to load a new cartridge. These rifles are accurate but slow to fire, and they can hold from 4 to 10 bullets at once. Remington 700 and Howa 1500 are examples of bolt action rifles.

2-      Lever-Action Rifles

Lever action rifles are mostly seen in western movies, and they go back to the 19th century. Its mechanism is to pull a lever connected to the gun to load a fresh bullet, then pull the trigger, and the lever ejects the empty cartridge and loads a fresh one. These rifles are much faster than a bolt action. Winchester 94 is an excellent example of a lever action rifle. You can also use body armor accessories with such rifles.

3-      Semi-Auto Rifles

 The semi-auto rifle can differ significantly from other rifles. However, the common trait is that every trigger pull releases one bullet and automatically loads a new round. At times, these rifles are called “automatic,” but it refers to the loading, not the firing. Hence, calling it a semi-auto rifle.

You will need body armor accessories for firing bullets, whether on long guns or short guns. Likewise, gun parts for sale can also differ from various types of weapons. 

Short Guns

1-      Revolvers

Revolvers were first seen on a cinematic screen in the hands of cowboys. These were the first multi-shot handguns that could store 7 bullets in a revolving cylinder, hence the name. The cylinder connects with the gun barrel to fire the bullet. However, the mechanism has changed in modern times. Now, a single trigger pull can advance the cylinder to a fresh cartridge, which pulls back the hammer and then releases it to strike the primer with a firing pin, ultimately firing the gun. They are also considered semi-auto weapons now. Ruger GP100 is an example of a modern revolver.

2-      Pistols

Pistols are those handguns that do not utilize rolling cylinders. Though some single-shot pistols still exist in online gun stores in the USA, most pistols these days are semi-auto handguns. They fill cartridges from a detachable magazine located in the handgrip. In contrast to typical revolvers, modern pistols have the capacity to hold 17 bullets in the magazine. Glock 17 is an example of a modern pistol. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1-     What is the most essential part of any firearm?

The barrel is the most important part of all weapons. Without it, the firearm is useless. The bullet travels through the barrel in an explosive discharge. Moreover, the barrel is connected to a receiver that is responsible for housing the operable parts of a firearm, including the magazine.

2-     Is having gun parts for sale illegal?

If you are someone prohibited to own a firearm, then selling gun parts can be illegal for you. The guidelines state that anyone under the age of 18, and 21 in some states, can not deal in firearms. Likewise, if you are a convicted individual or have some criminal background, then you would not be given the license to deal with guns and its accessories of any kind.

3-     Why are gun parts greasy when they first come?

When you purchase a gun part, it is most likely it has come directly from the factory after being examined for its function. Therefore, you will find it greasy. Your need to clean your gun thoroughly before assembling and usage.


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