Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: Secondary infertility, You had the most amazing first pregnancy and it went really smooth. But, as you are trying to conceive again it is creating problems for you. Why is this happening? What is the reason for this? Does it mean I cannot conceive again? Take a deep breath!

Well! This is referred to as secondary infertility. If you are going through this situation then you have to schedule your initial consultation at the best IVF Centre in Punjab

Secondary infertility is having trouble getting pregnant after you have given birth previously be it for 1st, 2nd, or any number of pregnancies. It is normal for women to experience this situation. In the case of secondary infertility, many of the reasons for not being able to conceive are the same as primary infertility. So, if you are experiencing this problem, then you have to schedule your appointment at the best fertility clinic in Ludhiana. Let’s talk you through with some of the reasons you are facing secondary infertility:

What is secondary infertility?

  • Problem with sperm quality

It is able that your health is perfectly fine but after the diagnosis, you have to come to know that the problem is with your partner. There are high chances that sperm health is getting affected due to sperm production, function, or delivery.

  • Reproductive health is not fine

Due to damage in the fallopian tube, the sperm is not able to meet the egg which will result in fertilization. Apart from that, there can be problems of endometriosis, uterine condition, and ovulation problem.

  • Undergone any surgery or earlier pregnancy was complicated

You may be facing certain complications which are linked to your earlier pregnancy. Sometimes, a woman has undergone surgery which might be the reason you are having difficulty conceiving for the second time.

  • Possible risk factors

Apart from these, certain risk factors can lead to problems. It includes your age, weight, and using certain medications.

Keep in mind, if you are above the age of 35 and you are having frequent intercourse from the last year but are not able to conceive. In such a case, it is important that you schedule your initial consultation with the health expert. Apart from that, if your menstrual cycle is not regular then there can be a problem with ovulation. So, in this case, you have to consult a medical expert.

Get medical help to improve your conception chances

It can be surprising to deal with secondary infertility. Indeed, it can be stressful so you have to make sure that you get medical help at the earliest. In addition, you have to get help from the best medical expert so that you can get the right kind of treatment. Also, tell your close family members and friends you will understand your situation and give you the support you need at this time. Find the best fertility expert and get yourself the right treatment plan.

Apart from these, certain risk factors can lead to problems. It includes your age, weight, and using certain medications.


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