Does the word unpopular only mean not good enough? Sometimes the best of gems are hidden in the deepest of seas and our collection of unpopular or not well-known reasons to buy from kohl’s are no different. Many stores don’t want their customers to know about all the saving hacks and smart ways to score great deals but the truth is a smart buyer doesn’t compromise on their hard-earned money through basic spending practices.

If you are too tired of sorting your budget out at the end of each month and only find yourself disappointed than ever then you need to change the way you shop. Whether it is a basic grocery spree or a day to day item’ shopping, here are a few things you need to know about Kohl’s before your next shopping trip.

Kohl’s Free Shipping

Kohl’s has many ways to grant the wonderful opportunity of free shipping to its customers. From Kohl’s free shipping coupons to the in-store kiosk there are hidden areas where you can score the free shipping deals. Let us help you out here. Well for online orders free shipping coupon is just a promo code that will score you free delivery but when it comes to kohl’s in store kiosk there are other exciting ways.

The kohl’s in store kiosk is a self-checkout technology where you can get all the items purchased delivered for free to your home. You can also send gifts to your loved ones through the kiosk purchases.

Email Sign up

No one likes to enter their email again and again in the empty boxes. Let’s be honest here, being afraid of spam is the second thing but being too lazy the type the email password is your first issue. But this time you need to convince yourself because kohl’s email sign up is where great things begin. By signing to their email updates, you will receive all the offers directly in your inbox.

While we are at signing up, there is no reason you should let go of that Yes2You Reward program since it will help you score 5% cash back on your purchases. 

Kohl’s Cash

On special days, kohl’s lets you earn cashback on your spending. Yes, the word cash does catch us all and this is where you must pay attention. For every $50 you spend at kohl’s you will get a $10 cash back. This does not happen every day so make sure you keep an eye on those special days where kohl’s cash is up for grabs.

Kohl’s App

A very organized and fun way to not only shop but avail multiple deals. The Kohl’s App offers a lot of benefits. You can store all the kohl’s coupon codes in kohl’s apps as well as all the unspent cash money from kohl’s wallet? Well, this is the right place to store and spend later.

Coupon Piling

Coupon piling is one of the smartest ways to shop at kohl’s. Although you have to be pretty smart with the ways you do it. The trick to understand and follow the kohl’s coupon policy. Start by stacking a dollar coupon (i.e. a certain dollar saving over the other total amount), then use a percentage savings coupon (e.g. 10% off entire purchase). Combining these two coupons is the right and workable solution and you can get big discounts this way.

The Right Time to Hit the Store

You can use the best time to shop at the store only if you do your research well. Older people get a 15% off when they shop in Wednesdays. Although you will need a way to prove your identity. Secondly, there are certain Fridays and Saturdays where special deals for early risers and late sleepers are released. These discounts occur twice a month and you can catch them if you check kohl’s weekly updates.

Go Off Aisle

There are many reasons why someone would choose to return a product. This does not mean all the products returned or asked for refund are bad. And that’s what makes the most of the kohl’s go off the aisle discounts.

The go off the aisle discounts are the most reduced prices so you cannot use extra offers or additional coupons. However, there is a catch, this section does not offer any return or exchange. After all why would they want a return on a returned product?

Kitchen Appliances

You might have heard many times that kohl’s kitchen appliances do have a great deal but they are not so worth buying. It’s about time you pay attention to his. We wouldn’t recommend you buying kitchen appliances from kohl’s because there is a lot of ambiguity involved. Many times, buyers have experienced paying high for a kitchen appliance at kohl’s only to find it cheaper at a competitor’s store.


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