Plants are one of the most amazing decorative pieces. It not only makes home feel lively but also refreshing. Plants have many benefits. Apart from it being important for our surroundings, it also spreads positive vibes and keeps inspiring us. 

These days there are a variety of plants available that are easy to maintain and even look aesthetically pleasing. Instead of choosing artificial decor pieces, plants are the best decor piece with many benefits.

From indoor plants to ornamental plants, there are a number of options for you to choose from. 

With the great availability of plants in the market, there is a simultaneous increase in the planters as well. Planters are a pot or a container in which plants are kept. These days there are a variety of planters available. Apart from being available in different materials, planters are available in different shapes as well.

Earlier only mud planters were available, but nowadays there are planters available in every material. From plastic to metal, there are a lot of planters available on the market. 

Plants and planters can be amazing and eco-friendly gifts. They are best to give as a gift.

Festivals are around the corner, so you can choose planters to give as a gift. Online shopping websites also have a plethora of variety in planters, so you can send anniversary flowers and amazing gifts online too.

If you are wondering what kind of planters to choose for gifting or you can buy as a decor piece for your home, then here is a list of a few planter ideas that you can check out.

Abstract shape-

The concept of decoration has changed in the past few years. People are more inclined towards modern interiors. Abstract planters can be great to choose as a decor piece if you want to give your house a modern touch. Abstract planters are planters with a bit of a different shape and colour. They do not have the usual circular or cylindrical shape. They are available in different sizes and colors. You can get them for your plants and make your home feel lively.

Metal Vase-

Metals planters or vases are one among the most famous of all time. They are durable and look stylish as well. These days these metal planters are available in different shapes as well. They are a combination of both traditional and modern looks. You can definitely choose to get them to give your home a different look.

Plastic planters-

Plastic planters are also available on the market these days. They are long-lasting and available in different colours as well. They can be kept anywhere, so they are the most versatile ones. They are available in different shapes and styles. 

Ceramic planters-

Ceramics are the most delicate material which are now used to make planters too. Ceramic planters look amazingly beautiful. They need to be kept carefully as they are easily breakable. Ceramic planters are also available in different shapes and colours. It is advisable to keep them inside the house to prevent them from external environmental factors.

Concrete planters-

For people who prefer solid planters, concrete-made planters are for them. They can be kept outside the house. They are durable and look beautiful. You can buy them from a local store or ask to customize them according to your choice.

Hanging Planters-

Hanging plants creates different vibes. They look extremely beautiful. Hanging planters are available in different varieties, from shape to size and different hanging styles as well. For plants like climbers, hanging planters are best to use. They are available in different materials as well.

I hope you liked and found the article helpful. Planters are versatile gifts and can be give on any occasion from birthdays to anniversaries and during festivals as well. With the availability of planters on the online shopping website, you can send flowers and  gifts to India from the UK via online delivery services.


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