Education is imperative to thrive in this competitive world. So, it is natural for a parent to search for institutions and educational systems that align with their child’s needs. However, quality education can sometimes come with a price tag, meaning the parent may have to compromise with the child’s need to find an institute that fits in their budget. 

But, thankfully, full scholarships can prove to be lifesavers. With a full scholarship for international students, everything for the whole year (or as per the tenure) is covered. This means the child can focus on his/her studies and social life, while you, as a parent, can stop worrying about India international school fees

But again, getting a full scholarship is a rare and very competitive opportunity. However, as a parent, you can work with your child to increase the chances of acquiring the prestigious scholarships:

Here are few ways to increase the chance of getting scholarship

1- Start preparing in advance:

If you know your child can benefit a lot from a scholarship, then search for it in advance. This is because many schools and universities require students to attend an interview to determine the child’s eligibility, his/her motivation, goals, etc. 

When searching, start from the chosen school. For instance, at GIIS, you can come across a handful of scholarships for international students, such as GIIS Super Star Scholarship, 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship, and name a few. 

2- Keep your child motivated to work hard:

Even though they provide many full scholarships based on financial hardships, some may consider both academic excellence and financial needs. 

But, avoid forcing your kid to work hard because that will only result in mental exhaustion. Instead, devise a plan to keep him/her motivated, remind your child about the goal and explain how a little hard work now can boost the future.  

3- Teach your child to stand out:

As mentioned before, a full scholarship is a rare and very competitive opportunity, so it becomes crucial to teach your child how to stand out. 

There may be a pool of applicants; your child will require showing the real commitment that shows him/her apart from others. So, besides incredible academic excellence, your child must have skills to excel in a few extracurricular activities too. This way, your child showcases his/her passion and interest outside the classroom. 

Similarly, leadership skills are also valued a lot. They can instil this in a child through volunteering activities or community work, whichever suits best. 

4- Read the application instructions:

Now, as a parent, you must stay vigilant throughout the process. 

You would not want to drop your child’s chances just because you missed out on a piece of information or document that was attached along with the scholarship instruction. 

So, go through the document to comprehend the clauses on the amount of waiver on fees in the Indian international school. You can also check the protocols, rules, and regulations carefully to be sure that you aren’t missing anything. If possible, email the institution in case you need more clarification. 

5- Work on an exceptional scholarship cover letter:

Your child’s application essay or cover letter needs to be of top-notch quality. This is because there will be hundreds of other applicants, and an exceptional introduction will grab the institution’s attention. 

Then proceed to work with your child to draft an essay that addresses the key needs for the scholarship as well as focuses on the attributes. Also, don’t keep this information limited to academics; include extracurricular details, too. 

Overall, ensure to keep it clear and concise, properly formatted, check it for spelling and grammar errors, etc. If possible, go over it repeatedly or request someone to do it for you. 

6- Do not miss the deadline:

One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting until the deadline of submission or totally missing the deadline for applying for a scholarship for international students. Well, these are some mistakes that must be avoided at all costs. They usually pile late applications up on the “unapproved” list. So, act fast and ensure that your child can apply on time. 

7- Keep looking for scholarships every year:

Just because your child received one scholarship doesn’t mean he/she won’t receive another. In fact, he/she may qualify for different scholarships every year. This way, you can save on fees in Indian international schools. 

So, make it a habit of searching for new scholarships every year to maximize your child’s chance of success.  

Wrapping up 

In this era of expensive education, scholarships, especially full-ride scholarships, can prove as the holy grail of funding opportunities. So, as a parent, take all the necessary steps in finding a good scholarship for international students, and increase your child’s chances of better education. 


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