Bomber dents are always a source of stress when you possess low car repairing skills. It is hard to keep your new or old car to be 100% safe from any dents and small bends, whether it is a result or reckless driving or careless parking, your attempt of safe driving can go wrong anytime while you are on a busy road. These dents will nag and annoy you all the time; before you lose your sleep over these car dents on bout and bomber, you need to make sure that your car becomes perfect again with some simple home-made remedies that require no specialist intervention.

No wonder that some dents can be expensive to get repaired. They may not worth your time and money. This is why we have composed a list of dents removing tips that will be enough for you to take care of your problem. So, let us discuss them in detail.

Steps to Remove Dents on your Car

Fortunately, our experts at Top Cash for Cars have been dealing with new and old cars for several years. Our clients always ask us suggestions to take care of their old cars before they sell them to us. If the damage is still not enough, we can guarantee you can use these tips and repair these dents. Make sure that you read these tips carefully and do some research and preparation before attempting these tips. The preparation will make you more secure and give better results.

Fixing dents on your own can be a hassle if you have never attempted it before. It is vital for the safety of your SUV or truck or Sedan. Motor mechanics can tell you what the best course of action in this situation is; however, small damage to the surface can be fixed immediately.

Use a Plunger

This method can be extremely effective not only for unclogging toilets, but also for dealing with small dents on your car. All you have to do is to get a plunger and apply some pressure on a regular basis for some time to fix the dent. Doing it repeatedly for several times will make the dent to pop out and now is the time to observe the dent and its density.

If the density of the dent is not so deep, then it should take a few strokes to pull the dent out with the help of a plunger. This technique can take you further to solve your problem without hiring a specialist mechanic.

Use Boiling Water

If the dent is on the plastic bomber of your vehicle, or another area of your car made of plastic, applying boiling water to the blemished area should take the dent out in a blink of an eye. What you can do here is to boil a pot of water and carefully pour the water on the area where you can see the dent. Then take some cold water and use it to pour on the dent area that has popped out before. You could pour the cold water over the area to cool and set the plastic and rearrange it.

The Hair Dryer Trick

Hair dryer is yet another common household item that has a purpose other than its normal use. This tip can surely work well for you if you have a plastic bumper with a small dent visible to naked eyes. Simply dye the affected area of the bomber by using a hair dryer in your home that you use for drying your hair. Do this for three to five minutes constantly and use sweeping motions to get the best results.

That will make sure that you hit the whole surface of the area that is affected by the dent. In this procedure, we suggest that you first wear your hand gloves when pushing the dent out from the inside so that your hands do not get burned. It is also vital to be mindful of the paint blistering on your vehicle’s side.

Use Hair Dryer and Dry Ice

If the dented area is on the surface of the metal, then we have another way to deal with this issue. Of course, there are no magical gene tricks to apply here. We have used hair dryer in our previous tip, now it is time to use it again with an even stronger combination of ice. How does it work? It is no surprise.

Get a piece of tin foil that is larger than the area of the dent. Heat the affected area now and apply the solution on the dent about six inches for at least three minutes. Do not take off your gloves yet and wait for the dent to pop out on its own. Repeat the process if it does not.

We hope these tips will help you to fix dents on your vehicle. Your scrap car can have many dents, but we will buy it no matter what the condition and pay instant cash for cars if you contact us today. So, don’t wait.


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