Although every trade show display marketing company varies in style and process, the designers from each company will suggest you focus on a simple yet unique design with a straightforward message. While it sounds like an easy task, you might end up forgetting a few of the basics. 

Today, technology has made it possible to skip a designer if you want to do it yourself. You will have to focus on a few things to create something that looks professional. 

Steps to design an effective trade show display?

1. Start with choosing your graphics carefully

Don’t limit the process of choosing to find a unique, mysterious, and visually appealing image. It might be fascinating to use something confusing that will hold your viewer’s attention for longer, but it might turn out to be the opposite and distracting. 

For an effective trade show display, look for simple images that go well with the concept. You can also visit the market for unique trade show display graphics. 

2. Make your headline memorable

The aim is to attract both customers and prospects. Not everyone in the trade show will know your company and will often walk past your booth. But you can still grab their attention with an attractive headline when they decide to throw a passing glance. 

Make sure you have a compelling headline, and people might take a moment to get interested and learn further about your company. A short headline is not only easy to remember but also can be displayed in large fonts. Remember to choose a bold and straightforward font type.

3. Create a short and precise description

You might have a lot to convey to your customers about your business, products or services, benefits, etc., but that will not be a practical description. People in trade shows don’t often take time to read through all the long and detailed descriptions. They might, however, skim over a short description. 

Want to make it easier for skimming over? Lay down your valuable content in bullet points. Try to avoid too much technical information or anything that will overwhelm the people. It is essential to know here that copywriting is a skill perfected over experience. Try to learn from examples. 

4. Make your company name and logo noticeable

Make your company’s name and logo obvious and preferably place them in the header area of the fair trade exhibit. You don’t want prospective prospects to know details about your firm, only to fail to see the company’s name.

If you don’t have a logo yet, create one using free internet resources. Logos help people identify your company. Even if you are a small company, stamps will help people differentiate your company from other companies

5. Don’t forget to mention the website and other social media details

While an adequate description doesn’t allow you to convey all the details you want to share with your prospects, having your website and social media details will fulfill your wish. 

Any attendee who would be a little interested in your company and services will use your website address to know more about you. The same goes for social media handles. But social media is more critical in that if your prospect has any questions regarding your business, it will be easier for them to contact you on your social media handle. 

Are you looking for professional trade show displays printing companies?

If you think following the basics is too much for a DIY design project, outsource your design and printing to a reputable company that will create effective trade show displays for you. 

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays Company can help you with design, copywriting, and fine printing services to give you an effective trade show display. 


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