Fox eye makeup is the main, one hundred percent make-up trend in 2020. Big, slanted eyes, who wouldn’t want to have them? Apparently, the person responsible for the ‘foxy eyes‘, the most sought-after eye effect – in most cases – is an aesthetic operation. But it can also be achieved with a little skill and makeup. We tell you everything you need to know to get a feline look and be gorgeous as before to look sexier.

Fox Eye Makeup
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Inspired by the large, slanted eyes that characterize foxes. The objective of this makeup technique is to lengthen and refresh the look with the help of a liner and well-defined eyelashes.

Believe it or not, this trend is easier to do than you think. Besides, you only need a few makeup products.

There are several ways to do it. One of them is with black liquid eyeliner and white eyeliner. Start by drawing an elongated triangle in the inner area of his eyes with the help of the eyeliner. Then you must make up the corner area and go over all the lines that you have drawn to polish the shape.

Finally, take a white eyeliner and fill with it from the triangle of the tear duct to the corner of the eye. Passing through the waterline of the eye. The official foxy makeup of Gigi Hadid explained in the following tutorial.

You can also go for a less marked finish and do it without eyeliner. But using a shadow palette and beveled brushes to help you create that ripped effect.

Fox Eye Makeup
Photo: Google

At a minimum, you will need the same facial makeup brushes you are used to, plus a beveled synthetic fine brow brush. A natural bristle blending brush, a fine line brush, a natural bristle pencil brush, and a small flat synthetic brush. For shading a pencil, a brush for applying shadows. This is, in general, the necessary minimum for such make-up. And you can easily find all these brushes in the assortment of the online store. We have a large selection, affordable prices, and only the highest-quality brushes for both makeup artists and makeup lovers!


Regarding cosmetic surgery, Virginia Sánchez, dermatologist and medical director of Dorsia clinics, explains two protocols that allow achieving a ‘foxy eyes ‘ effect. First, there will be the infiltrations of botox and hyaluronic acid, ” just below the outer third of the eyebrow, thus achieving an elevation and lengthening of the eye.

If the temple is sunken,” it can be filled with hyaluronic acid, achieving rejuvenation. Facial, as well as an elevation of the tail of the eyebrow,” explains the doctor.

On the other hand, you can also use the tension threads,” applying them from the forehead and temple. Thus achieving raise the final part of the eyebrow and stretch the outer part of the upper eyelid”, details Virginia Sánchez, who points out that.” In general, there is usually no sign of this intervention. Only a small point that falls off after a short time “.


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