Health insurance is a must-have criterion for everyone. Whenever unforeseen medical events happen in your life, health insurance will be a great aid to you. It provides financial assistance and inclusive protection to you and your family members. A health insurance policy for senior citizens is mandatory. Also, even if you are young, you can opt for a health insurance policy that has benefits like accident coverage, maternity insurance, and many more. 

Before kickstarting your health insurance journey, it is imperative to know about the options and schemes available in the market by the health insurance service providers. To make the process of research trouble-free and effortless here is an easy guide to different types of medical insurance in India. 

Different types of medical insurance in India 

Health insurance is an additional tool that helps you with financial assistance during crucial medical situations to help manage your medical bills. There are varieties of medical insurance available in India. Of all that, health insurance policy for senior citizens and maternity insurance are the most popular options in present times. Below mentioned are some of the other policies and schemes of medical insurance in India. 

Individual health insurance 

Personal health insurance covers the medical expenses of an individual. As the inflation of treatment costs continue to rise in India, it is the right time to opt for an Individual life insurance scheme. It covers almost all common ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and many more. 

Family floater scheme 

Another brilliant scheme to protect your family members from spending a huge amount of money on medical expenditure is the family floater insurance scheme. You can opt for a health insurance policy that covers up to 6 members of your family, including children and adults.

By opting for this family floater scheme, you need not subscribe to individual health insurance schemes for each member of your family. This one scheme will cap all the medical expenses of your family. 

Health insurance policy for senior citizens 

Many policy providers have numerous schemes of health insurance policy for senior citizens. For people beyond 60, having health insurance is very important. It will help in managing huge unforeseen medical costs and treatment bills. The policyholder can customize the scheme in a way that benefits them more. Health insurance policy for senior citizens offers swift insurance claims along with extensive coverage from Rs. 1.5 Lakh to Rs. 50 Lakh. 

Critical insurance cover 

Critical insurance cover is the best health insurance policy for people who deal with a chronic recurring illness. By opting for this policy, you get the much-required extensive financial assistance to manage the huge medical bills.

The critical insurance cover provides the lump sum of cash instantly, as soon as the policyholder gets diagnosed with a specific disease. This will help the person massively in bridging the cost factor required for regular treatments and medicine. 

Maternity insurance 

Maternity insurance policy is another popular one in the medical insurance domain. This health insurance covers the cost of delivery and child care. Newborn children and infants can also be covered in this policy from 3 months to 25 years of age. Maternity insurance also covers all the costs of pre-natal and post-natal care.

The claim of maternity insurance can also be processed swiftly in a hassle-free manner. 

Group health insurance 

For employees and organizations, group health insurance is the ideal choice. The option of removing and changing beneficiaries can be done effortlessly in this health insurance plan. It offers various benefits and cost protection to all the employees working in an organization.

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