The great cholera epidemic of London would not have happened had people in 1831 actually drank purified water. And we can’t really blame them; medical science had not progressed enough to recognize the problems associated with waterborne vectors and the diseases they carried.

But forget about microorganisms; Arsenic and rare-metal contamination in groundwater regularly cause health complications in people even today. Drinking purified water should really be a no-brainer.

There is enough scientific evidence to show that you will be all the better for it if you do so. But to understand that a water purifier price is actually a measure of the investment into your health rather than an unnecessary expense, we’re going to do a deep dive into the various benefits of drinking purified water.

To understand how drinking purified water benefits our health, we need to first understand the difference between tap, purified, and filtered water.

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Difference Between Tap water, Purified Water and Filtered Water

While most countries try to purify water for public consumption, WHO estimates that over 2.1 billion people lack safe clean drinking water in the world. This is also because the standards of purity vary from place to place, and can often lead to loopholes that might compromise the safety of the water reaching our homes. The tap water, therefore, is water that is treated by our local municipal authorities using methods like coagulation and flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection.

This water then reaches our homes, but can largely contain a lot of contaminants including: 

  1. Dirt, grime and minor particles like sand from water pipes.
  2. Heavy metals and leached-in minerals are harmful to the body in large amounts.
  3. Chlorine, which is the primary disinfectant for water purification in public water systems. It has a pungent smell and is not suitable for human consumption.
  4. Bacteria and fungi grow rapidly, especially once the chlorine has been filtered out of the water. 

While filtration can usually remove the first three forms of contaminants, there isn’t a filter paper that will take out microorganisms. That is the primary difference between filtered and purified water. And as mentioned in the beginning, that difference could cause mild stomach problems to a full-blown epidemic, if left unchecked.

A water purifier like Kent RO — price ranging from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 20,000, acts like an additional safeguard that has various filter mechanisms to take care of each layer of contaminant. It has filters for the sand and grains and gets rid of heavy metals, along with the fishy smell from the chlorine so that your water tastes better. It also comes with special technology to remove bacteria and gives up to 99% purified water.

Unlike distilled or reverse-osmosis water, a purifier is not going to take out the good minerals like magnesium and calcium, which, in trace amounts, are actually good for you. That is one of the major benefits of a water purification system. Even if a Kent ro price seems exorbitant to you, given that you’re getting tap water for free, here are some health benefits of drinking purified water.

1. Chlorine Aftertaste Affects Intake

Skin-dryness, split-ends, headaches, bloatedness, constipation, exhaustion, blurry vision and bad hangovers. All of these things have one thing in common — they’re caused by dehydration. So, you need to be drinking a lot of water every day just to have great skin and hair, and to feel healthy and active. But that is hard to do when the water tastes bad. 

Tap water tastes rotten because the chlorine largely gives it an awful smell and aftertaste, and filtration makes water tasteless. This is because it strips away all those minerals that give it taste.

2. Diseases

More than 37 million people die of waterborne diseases in India every year. While the water purifier price might seem high, getting your entire family treated for a preventable waterborne disease will be much more expensive. Nearly 1.5 million children die of diarrhea every year in the country, and one can prevent these deaths by drinking purified water. 

3. Mineralizers

Mineralizers in RO purifiers add back the minerals that are lost in the osmosis process. Copper, zinc, and iron from the water are very important for your body’s immune system. Without a robust immunity system, you would not be able to fight any infection. 

Especially during the global pandemic, it is more important than ever to have strong immunity, and that comes from investing in what will be good for your health. 

ety. It is not only beneficial but is also a form of safety or insurance for your own health. Think of it as a security system, but one that gives you great skin and vitality as well. Drinking lots of water will solve a lot of your problems, from chronic pain to mild irritation. 

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