In this modern age where communication is also digital, the business cards still is an important tool to communicate with clients. It contains personal information about you like your contact, email, name, address, etc.

It plays an important role in marketing your brand identity as it contains your brand logo and font style. Color is also important because it represents your brand. For designing your business card, you can consider having business card services from any designing agency.

Do you know that 72% of people responded positively when asked if they judge a company by their business card? It shows professionalism to have a business card and maintains your image as a professional. Imagine if you go to see your client and you don’t have the information about your company in your hands. It can give a bad impression of you as a business person.

As we know that we are living in a digital era and everybody has these devices to connect with each other, but most of the time people still prefer to exchange business cards because it is actually a faster way to exchange information.

Steps for designing a business card

If you want your business card to be different and representable and you are thinking to hire a professional designer, you should definitely go for professional business card services but you also need to understand what you need in your card to guide your designer about your idea. For that, you can have a look at the points below:

Know your brand

The first thing to consider while designing a business card is to know your identity. Ask yourself some questions like what do you want in your card besides your personal information or what your brand is all about and then choose colors and font styles which can represent your brand in a professional manner.

The shape of your card

As we know the most common shape in business cards is the rectangular one but there are alternatives as well to design your card uniquely. With the help of the die-cutting technique, we can have these cards in any shape and design. Using unique shapes relies on the message you want to portray. If you are more of a serious firm, you can always rely on the traditional rectangular or a decent one.

The size of your card

If you have decided on the shape the size of your card also matters. The sizes vary from country to country. But you can always go your way and select a new one as per your liking. While designing, despite the size you should always keep in mind some things that can save you from a disaster. Firstly, the outer part can possibly be removed so there is kind of a borderline, and anything that is out of this line can be cut out. It would be better if nothing goes out of this line.

Include a logo

Now focus on the visual component for your business card such as including a logo on your card. It is necessary to put a logo on your business card because it defines your company’s identity and can help people remember you or your services just by looking at your logo and connect you with potential clients.

Include personal information

Keep in mind that you have to add important information about yourself to your business card that includes your email address, phone number, name, website, and also your social media link. This information can help your clients to keep track of you.

Decide font style

Good font style can change your game. It also represents your brand personality. There are three main factors to consider while deciding your font style, i.e., size, color, font.

Size: To make it readable and understandable for your readers you need standard text size but if you want some things to be more prominent you can increase your text size.

Font: you can decide what kind of font you want to use on your card in accordance with your brand personality. There are five kinds of font styles you can choose from them.

Color: choose a complementary color that goes well with your font color.

Now, if you are done evaluating your thoughts, you can hire a professional who can provide you with efficient business card service as well and can tell your designer all about your brand and your idea about how you want your card to be.


Business cards still possess great importance in this digital period. Let’s say we don’t know anything about the future and you are going somewhere and accidentally meet your client what is the best way to pass information about your brand? The best way to think of right now is a business card. Wouldn’t it be great that you can give information about yourself and a little introduction about your brand hand to hand to your client? So, it’s better to consider having a business card.


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