Boykers India Retail Pvt Ltd: If you are anything like a typical DC fan, you might have an obsession with collecting shirts, t-shirts and other merchandise of heroes and superheroes of the universe. Your search history might be filled with these: 

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And if you are a typical DC nerd fan, you might have faced issues with styling your collection of graphic tees properly. Yes, you can always wear them with plain blue jeans, but where is the fun in that? Everyone does that. And with Robert Pattinson’s Batman releasing in early 2022, you need to up your style game. So, here is an explanatory guide on how to style your collection of superhero graphic tees.

Leather Jackets Never Go Out Of Style

If superhero t-shirts are forever, so are leather jackets. Wear your batman tshirt underneath a leather jacket. It will give you a perfect balance between cool and nerdy. It looks brilliant together. We have seen so many people create this classic combination and win hearts over. You can do it too

  • Rock That Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are often overlooked when it comes to layering your clothes with anything, especially graphic t-shirts. They have that invisibility factor to them. It will not stand out too much and take away the attention from your t-shirt, but it will be commanding enough to draw someone’s attention.

  • Crop Top-It

You can always wear your tshirts as a crop top and pair them with your classic blue jeans. Crop tops have become trendy over the years, and people look good wearing them. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to slice your t-shirt in half, you can just fold it on the inside to create that illusion of a crop top.

  • Underneath A Blazer

It helps people know that you have interests without asking too many questions. This styling option is fun to play with, but we would not recommend that you wear this to your office if you have a strict dress code. No superhero is going to help you if you get into trouble because of this.

  • Plaid Shirts Are Reliable

Plaid shirts are a sure shot of a way of striking a normal balance. This is the most casual combination you can create – layering your graphic batman tees with a plaid shirt – which will still make you look stylish. It does not take much effort, and the results are impressive

  • Let’s Bring Back Jorts

You can style your DC shirts with jorts, or jean shorts, to have that summer-music-festival vibe to go along with your geekiness. It is the best stylistic way to step into summer.

Underneath The Classic Hoodie

We can always rely on this one. You can never go wrong with hoodies. Wear a zipped hoodie, do not zip it up and let your graphic t-shirt’s glory shine through. This is the classic outfit for anyone who loves hoodies and graphic t-shirts alike. This is a reliable and sure-shot way to look elegant.

Styling your graphic t-shirts can be confusing and daunting, but with practice, you can easily get the hang of it. You just need to figure out what your style is.


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