In the last few years, there has been an enormous amount of development as well as innovation in the fashion space. Be it for women or men or even kids. The ways of dressing have taken a completely new shape and people have become more accepting of the fact that mixing and matching different garments can bring about so many revelations in terms of clothing. A Kurti for ladies is one such garment, which serves to be a wardrobe essential.

With all the new trends coming in, people now have the agency to try out different styles, in whatever form they want and need according to the events they will be attending. Also, an interesting fact is that a Kurti is considered to be loungewear for most Indian women who are 30 and above years of age.

Since a woman has to carry out a multitude of works, they need to wear clothing that would give them comfort at all times and does not make them feel restricted in any way.

A Brief History of a Kurti

In the earlier times, when a Kurti was worn by the majority of people in the Northern parts of India, the trend was to wear long Kurtis. However, with passing time and so many innovations in the field of fashion, nowadays short Kurtis has also become extremely known amongst people of various age groups.

This garment is one of the oldest when it comes to the years. People used to wear a Kurti as regular wear at home, especially the women. The parts of Haryana and Punjab were the first amongst all the other Indian states to sensationalize it.

However, even before the women, it was the men who believed in wearing this garment. Soon after colonialism, poets and various leaders started adorning this garment in the best way possible, influencing millions of people to also start wearing it.

Trendy Designs of Dresses

During the Swadeshi Movement, in the history of freedom struggle, the use of a Kurti and a Kurta was given way rather than any other sort of Western wear. Therefore, when it comes to dresses for women, a Kurti is the ultimate one.

During those times, there weren’t many modifications of a Kurti. It was a simple and plain stretch of cloth mostly in extremely subtle colors. The fabric played an eminent role in the process of Kurti making.

The cotton Kurtis was widely used by people, keeping in the mind the kind of weather conditions India has. Therefore, to keep the body cool and relaxed at all times, cotton was the most predominant fabric that was being used and still does.

With passing time, silk, polyester, and other fabrics have also come into the limelight when it comes to the making of a Kurti. Women’s Kurtis is mostly essentially curated to make them feel at ease whenever they adorn the garment.

The best part about this garment is the fact that it unites the people of India like no other clothing. It is common to the entire country and its people and there is absolutely no bias while wearing a Kurti. So, now we know the significance of this piece of cloth.

Trendy Sleeve Designs of Kurtis

Some of the types of sleeve designs are listed as follows:

  1. Frill Sleeves
  2. Cold Shoulder Sleeves
  3. Elbow Length Sleeves
  4.  Three-Quarter Bell Sleeves
  5. Short Ruffle Sleeves
  6. Puffed Sleeves

These are some of the most prominent sleeve designs that are trending in the fashion space for Kurtis. Online shopping in India has made purchasing new types of Kurtis easier and now you can grab the best deals on the official website of Bewakoof.

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