In the learning or teaching process, the most critical aspect is the assessment of students. Through this assessment, teachers can measure their teaching effectiveness with the performance of students. For teachers, it is essential to getting access to student’s performance. Because through this, they can get feedback as to what methods of teaching students are adopt successfully or what teaching methods they are feeling trouble adopting. Indeed it is a challenging thing for all teachers. Because it is not accessible for them to satisfy or engage all students at once, that’s why teachers are facing many challenges in student assessment or the challenges we will discuss in this article. So teachers can know what some challenges that they should try to overcome are.

However, the assessment process encourages curriculum planners and teachers to design the best syllabus or specific courses or chapters. In this way, it will not helps only teachers to measure their teaching effectiveness, but teachers also can improve the pedagogy of teaching within the class.

Some challenges in the process of assessment

In the assessment process, they face many challenges, or there is a need to understand these challenges or try to overcome them for better student learning outcomes. Or these challenges are mostly related to students assessment, educational boards, teachers, technology, ethical or social issues. These should analyze all challenges reasonably or adequately.

The assessment that is done in the classroom depends on the student’s educational experiences. In schools, there is the present external or internal system of assessment. The internal assessment is done by the house members or externally by the educational board members. The assessments also help students share their learning aims with other students. Through assessment, students can easily find out their capability of learning.

Moreover, in school, the system of assessment should be fair or reasonable. The assessment system is divided into two kinds one is summative, and the other is formative. The formative assessment provides feedback to teachers about students’ performance, while the summative assessment provides teachers assess the performance of students. Somewhere, the assessment system is lost its connection among teachers, students, families, schools, or communities.

Furthermore, here are some challenges described in the process of assessment.

These challenges are:

  1. Grading
  2. Changes in the pattern of examination
  3. Some issues of teachers assessment
  4. Technological problems
  5. Shortage of training
  6. Investment cost
  7. Policy challenges
  8. Administration problems
  9. Ethical or social issues


Teachers can get assess student’s performance based on their exams, tests, projects, or assignments. In assessment, teachers play four critical roles: evaluating students’ work, communicating with their students, motivating their students towards their study, or involving and engaging students in their courses. So in the grading system, teachers are facing the following challenges.

  • There is not any present way that students know about their grading technique or assessment process.
  • In the process of assessment, there is a lack of clarity.
  • There are present scarce techniques of the assessment in the classroom.
  • In grading programs, there is not present flexibility.

Changes in the pattern of examination

When the pattern of examination is changing, then all students don’t perform best in their exams. So at assessment time, these students face trouble adjusting to new examination patterns or remain confused in solving questions. Sometimes, students move towards some other resources like Law assignment writing service for best results.

Some issues of teachers assessment

There are present several tools for assessment to access the students’ knowledge that they learned from their class. In student’s performance, the teachers are playing a vital role. Teachers also have the pressure of the administration of schools or trying to complete the syllabus of their class quickly. in this way; they are losing their autonomy or freedom. So teachers are also facing problems in the assessment that overall effects the performance of students.

Technological problems

The authority is facing many plagiarism issues when various departments have their separate culture or practices working when they are feeling difficulty in transfer issues and flexibility. The authority is also facing many challenges in the verification of security or identity issues. So there is also a present technological problem. Or in the assessment system, it should meet the technical requirements with accessibility, connectivity, security, or software.

Shortage of training

There is a shortage of training in technology use or use of new techniques and strategies in the assessment process. So most institutions don’t have full training on technology, techniques, or methods of assessment that is important to given examiners and teachers.

Investment cost

The system of assessment requires a reasonable cost of investment to implement new technologies. That investment is beneficial for training and supporting assessment. The tools that are using in assessment some of the required high cost or high infrastructure. Sometimes authorities are resistant to spend in the assessment system. That’s why investment cost is also a challenge in the assessment process.

Policy challenges

There are present common policy challenges in the implementation of governance of the assessment process. The development of policy is needed to ensure that the involvement of various components in the framework of assessment like school or teachers assessment, etc. that policy also should take part in valuable links of securing classroom practices.

Administration problems

The administration must be careful in establishing or maintaining the information records of students. There is sometimes carelessness in protecting the student’s information in assessment. It can form many issues for the students. So administration problems also including in the assessment challenges.

Ethical or social issues

The change in student’s information is producing major ethical or social issues. Some students are those that have high expectations for their exams on assessment. But sometimes, the proper assessment is not implemented, causing many adverse effects on students’ performance.

However, the latest assessment methods are not providing continuous feedback about the performance of students. There are present essential points that should be discussed like there is a need for best practices of assessment that can improve the student’s outcomes in their learning. Proper or healthy recording of student’s information and then reporting should need to do. These challenges indicate that there is must need for the right strategies or practices for assessment. The assessment process is very vital for confidence and self-growth. So students require proper assessment based on their performance or hard work in their study.

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