Being underweight is not funny at all. Especially, when you are a grown adult and your body is going through the severe problem of being underweight, it may lead to chaos in your own personal life. Dealing with such things is a challenge for many of us. Comparatively, being underweight can lead to a lack of energy and problem of various kinds.

Varying food habits 

Consuming food may differ from place to place. However, the main goal remains the same. According to the survey, some countries may include more fried food in their meal. Whereas, in some countries, you may be surprised to find healthy foods in their diet. Additionally, there are countries or some sections of society that rely on a vegan diet.

Regardless of your food habit, it would be ideal for people to find foods that cause weight gain. However, as per the report, most countries like to add a nonvegetarian diet to their menu. In the light of the fact that every food has different types of calorie structure, it is suitable for people to find with the calorie consumption of their body. One of the most important features of our body would be the metabolic rate you want to calculate.

 Henceforth, to calculate the metabolic rate, one must multiply your current weight by 12. For example, if you weigh around 200 pounds, then the calorie intake should be 2400 calories per day. Henceforth, it would be best if you can add the following healthy foods for weight gain in your everyday diet.


Choosing oily fish like tuna is a wise option for the people who are looking for options of fish on their menu. Tuna is widely found in the deep ocean and most of the sea-facing countries have options to have it on their menu. More importantly, it is a popular source of protein-rich foods that cause weight gain.

 Each 100-gram tuna adds up to 450 calories to your needs of a protein diet. Like most the protein diet, it is also mixed with high-quality fiber and energy. According to a report, tuna can replace the need for red meat. It is an ideal choice for people who are having a cardiovascular problem


Together with tuna, salmon completes the circle of the need for the protein intake of everyone’s body. Of course, it is one of the food items that may help you to build muscle if you are following resistance training; therefore, people who are considering 400 – 450 calories for their daily diet, can include salmon in their main menu. In the same way as tuna, you can eat it with bagel bread and enjoy 650 calories of food leading towards gaining of weight


Considering the availability in coastal water, herring is one of the key sources of protein for weight gain. Comparatively, it is one of the key sources of lean protein. You will find it amazing that you will get whopping 20 grams of protein. Apart from the key protein content, this product is full of omega 3 fatty acids.

 As per the report, if you take herring twice a week, it may lead to enormous weight gain. Additionally, people who are suffering from lung disease may find it useful. Every 10 gram can add up to 250 calories of protein intake for their body.


Foods may vary from place to place as per your intake requirement. However, people who are vegan should find alternate sources of animal protein to make over the gap of instant daily need. You just need to follow what your body can consume easily.


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