Georgia has one of the most unclean air qualities in all of America. They owe this to particle pollution from wildfires, carbon emissions, and coal-driven power plants. This has led to a surge in asthma, especially among children. Summer this year brought on a life dependent on Air conditioners.

The same circulated air also contributed to aerosol diseases and respiratory issues. To help you improve on North Georgia heating and air quality, we have assembled a list of ways that you can save your child from an asthma attack.

Air Purifiers

These are the most common and the most effective tools to create a breathable environment for your home. It is also very easy to install. Air purifiers come in a very diverse range that caters to your needs and your requirements. They include electrical, electrostatic, and HEPA.

These appliances can filter your air for dust particles so that your child does not inhale any hazardous material. The air quality in your home will be the determinant of the type of air purifier to be used. To judge the air quality, you will have to consult an HVAC Service in Georgia.


Moisture in the air can cause issues for asthmatic patients, especially if it is a small child at risk. To improve your air quality, you can install dehumidifiers that will dry out the air a bit and allow for air circulation. Very humid air can cause breathing difficulties for children. The air humidity in the room for an asthma patient has to be around 30 to 50 percent.

Cleaning AC Filters

Air quality is highly dependent on the cleanliness of the room as well as the electronics. If your AC keeps giving out cool air through dirt-filled filters, your child will be at extreme risk of respiratory infections. Cleaning Air Conditioning filters can make a world of a difference in the air quality as well as in the atmosphere of the room. There are many air conditioning repair companies that you can contact for this service.


As the name suggests, ventilators help in the circulation of air. This helps to reduce stagnation and contamination due to the settling of dust particles. This appliance is important for your child because it assists in removing asthma triggers from your surroundings. You can pair it with air purifiers to reduce the chances of fresh toxins breaking in. Fresh, clean air will be circulated through this system. There are many


These are appliances are seldom found in our kitchens, but they play a very important role in air ventilation. Exhausts help in airflow from the house to the outside world. They remove the smell of spices from the air along with other fumes.

Vacuum Cleaners

Carpets and flooring can be a major hazard for breathing. They stuff in dust and dirt, which goes directly into the atmosphere. This slow degeneration and diffusion can trigger an asthmatic attack on your child. Vacuuming regularly can reduce the chances of such occurrences.

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