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IP Address

IP Address is the personal identity of each internet user. When you browse online then, it shows your IP Address to the Web Owner. So, why is it important to hide your IP Address? Is it harmful, if IP is visible? Or how do I know if someone is tracking my IP Address? In this article, we will give you the full solution to why it is necessary to have a Private Internet Protocol identity. And how you can be anonymous on the internet.

Does a VPN hide your IP Address?

Use the Virtual Private Network(VPN) Software. It is the best way to keep privacy on the online work. Use the VPN App which helps to browse privately on the internet as well as to protect the Online Money. VPN does not show your IP Address while browsing. It shows the different Internet Protocol(IP) identities. Choose the best VPN to be anonymous because it is important to hide your IP Address.

1.      Hola VPN

Hola VPN software is used by millions of people. It also provides Free Versions to the users who are not able to pay the amount. But Free versions can keep Logs and even leak your information. So, don’t worry, use Hola VPN Promo Code to purchase the subscription to the Hola Virtual Private Network App.

This software Encrypts your information to hide important details from the third party. Now enjoy Private browsing or Streaming at any Place. Secure your Online Transaction while connecting with the Virtual Private Network App.

2.      IPVanish VPN

IPVanish Virtual Private Network comes with amazing features like Backup and protection from Ransomware. A Monthly Plan can be costly for the users but you can grab huge bucks on its Long-Term Yearly Plan. Get the exclusive deal on the use of the ipvanish coupon code scheme which can be used by IPVanish users.

Does it matter if your IP is visible?

Yes, it can be risky for the information which is stored in your device. If your IP is not visible to anyone then, you can do the following things safely. This is also safe to hide the IP Address from the Police or ISP. ISP(Internet Service Provider) company only knows that you are using the VPN app on your device. But they don’t see the Online Activities of the Virtual Private Network users.

  • If IP is not visible then you can browse any site privately
  • It is unable for Hackers to Steal your identity or Online Activities.
  • The use of VPN means also access restricted sites without the fear of tracking.
  • This software alerts you from the Ads and Links which can harm your information.

Is it necessary to hide your IP Address?

Yes, it is important to hide IP on the iPhone, Android, Windows, Chrome, etc. When you hide IP then, it can help you to be anonymous while working on the internet.

How do I know if someone is tracking my IP Address?

It is not hard to understand that whether you are hacked or not. If some unconditional activities happened, it means your device is hacked by someone. You can face some issues which are describing below:

  • Tracking can lead to trouble during logging
  • Online Transaction can be made without permission
  • No Call and Msg can be done by your Android or iPhone
  • The phone cannot work properly and becomes hot rapidly

What happens if someone gets my IP?

If anyone gets your IP Address then hacking becomes easy for him/her. They can send Malware, Ransomware, or any other Virus with the help of E-mail. After this, Hackers can access your device, Control each activity, and can even make changes. If IP is Publicly visible then privacy does not remain sustainable. So, you need to hide your IP Address to maintain privacy.