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Retro Jewelry

In a world of contemporary jewelry designs, retro jewelry has still managed to hold ground. Whether you own vintage-style small diamond nose pins for girls or retro bracelets, they are still as precious as they were before. You only need to come up with trendy ideas to wear your jewelry to flaunt its charm. If the vintage diva inside you is ready to turn heads, we have some excellent news for you. After talking to various stylists, we found some remarkable ways that can be used to wear retro jewelry. Check out some fantastic ways to wear your retro jewelry as shared below and implement them for getting breathtaking results.

Pair it with Slip Dresses

Have some beautiful slip dresses in your wardrobe? If yes, now is the best time to take them out. Though a pair of vintage bangles and small brooches would look the best on slip dresses, you can pair this dress with other retro jewelry too. An ideal way to incorporate both to create fabulous attire is by fastening the clips of small brooches to the dress straps. It can also be done near the décolletage if you want to highlight your shoulders or neckline.

To complete the ultimate boho look, you can also add a stunning earring as a crucial style element. Look for the best, latest earrings design online before finalizing one for the primary look. If you have feminine floral necklaces whose aesthetics take you back in time, don’t forget to wear them to highlight your collarbones. It will help you recreate looks you get to see on red carpets.

Billow Sleeves & Retro Jewelry: The Best Combination

Today everyone has their own definition of fashion and style. For some, comfortable clothes can be the ultimate fashionable thing in the market, while for others, it could be something else. If you have billow sleeves blouse in your wardrobe, but you didn’t take them out for some reason, it is time you do it now. This blouse can never go out of fashion if you know how to pair it with the correct elements.

When it comes to accessorizing, vintage earrings paired with a billow sleeves blouse can help you create an ultra-feminine look. But don’t just wear any vintage earrings, as retro-style shoulder-dusters would be the best available pairing option.  

Satin Bomber Jackets & Brooches

Another great way to style retro jewelry is by pairing it with satin bomber jackets. These jackets can be adorned with both large gold brooches and smaller pins, depending on your body frame. If you have a petite body frame, choose scattering smaller pins instead of placing one large vermeil for a pleasant look. Since retro jewelry is primarily about geometrics, flowers, and dynamic visuals, choose a statement piece that goes best with your satin bomber jacket. You can also let your personal style preference take the lead.

If you don’t have any of the outfit pieces mentioned above, you can let your fashion creativity take the front seat. Try mixing and matching the different outfit types available in your wardrobe with the various retro jewelry pieces to see what combination looks best on you. You can also take inspiration from fashion bloggers and vloggers to come up with some distinct style ideas.