Did you know that, like the batteries in your electrical devices, the energy in your crystals may be depleted? Did you know that they require the moon’s light, among other things, to reclaim their lost power? Hello and welcome to the fascinating world of crystal cleansing! All of these techniques can easily be learnt on spiritual healing courses online

What are the Benefits of Using Cleansing Crystals?

Crystal pebbles and dried herbs sticks arranged in various patterns on a wooden plate. 

Crystals, in all of their majesty, are among the most impressionable objects on the planet. They will ebb and flow with whatever energy they come into contact with since they work on frequency. 

You are linking your own energy to the stone when you want to work one on one with it or incorporate it into your personal area. This means you share a vibration to some degree, and external energies can cause misalignment in this link if they are invited to. For more information – spiritual healing courses online are the best resources available. 

Why is it necessary to charge crystals?

Crystals for cleansing and charging go hand in hand. Cleansing is required to remove any residual energy from the stones, while charging is required to maximise the frequency of the stones so that they can work to their greatest potential.

The metaphysical power of the stones is dependent on charging, which allows the characteristics to transcend into our thick physical reality here on Earth. More on how to learn about crystals is available online now. 

Crystals: How to Clean Them

We’ll now walk you through all of the many methods for properly cleansing your crystals of any collected energies that aren’t benefiting you or them! 

How you cleanse crystals will be determined by your personal lifestyle and how much time you spend doing crystal healing in general. The plethora of choices can feel like a full-time job, especially if you want to cleanse each stone after each use. To know more, enrol for energetic healing courses online today, and update your knowledge base regarding this. 

Cleaning with the Full Moon

When asked how to clear crystals, most stone aficionados would urge you to wait till the full moon to do it.

A full moon occurs once a month, without fail, bringing a strong discharge of energy to those who have the luxury of existing on Earth. The sense of the full moon energy is unquestionably universal, so much so that many non-Western societies structure their religious rites around it.

Crystal Smudging

Adopting the technique of smudging is another fun and easy way of cleaning and recharging your stones. Smudging is the practise of burning dried sacred herbs to purify the vibrations by allowing the smoke to sleep over the stones. Smudging is a popular method for clearing negative energies from spaces, so it’s only natural that it would work with crystals.

Cleaning crystals with sage is one option. Sage is a spiritually superior herb with great purifying effects for spaces, people, and physical objects.

How to Use Water to Clean Crystals

Another simple approach to try at home is to clean crystals with water. To accomplish so, you’ll need to build a salt-based recipe. It’s also important to remember which crystals can’t be washed in salt water.

These are some of the most important ways to recharge and cleanse your crystals. Any beginner new to crystal healing will benefit from them. 


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