Have you ever planned an event and wanted a high-end invitation? Or need to give out a professional-looking business card? Cardstock is extremely useful for these tasks compared to regular paper. Cardstock is much thicker and more durable than normal writing and printing paper. Just for perspective, while cardstock is thicker than normal writing paper, yet, it is thinner, more flexible, and workable than thicker paperboards. Cardstock is great for a number of occasions, such as scrapbooking, invitations, business cards, and holiday cards.


Colored cardstock is often used for scrapbooking. White and Black cardstock are two of the most popular cardstock papers used for background scrapbooking paper. Those who scrapbook know that nothing is worse than flimsy paper that barely holds your photos, mementos, and embellishments, and tears with the use of adhesive. Cardstock is great because it is thick enough to stay intact after liquid adhesive and embellishments are applied, strong enough to hold your photos and keepsakes, but it is also thin enough to fit into a book and easily turn the pages. Plus the options of colors in colored cardstock available are endless. You are sure to find just the right shade for your project.


Invitations to any event are extremely important. Whether it be for a wedding invitation, graduation party, or a child’s birthday party, invitations are the first impression for your event. While they are necessary to convey important information to your guests about your event, they are so much more! Invitations are a big announcement! They set the tone and convey a theme of the event and help to build excitement and anticipation among your guests. With such important information printed on it, you want to be sure to use quality Cardstock that is durable enough to survive in your guests’ homes from the moment they receive them up until the event starts.

Business Cards

In business, first impressions are everything. When you meet someone new while networking, it is important to have a professional-looking business card that you can exchange with them so they can contact you in the future. You never want to miss out on a potential customer or business opportunity because your business card wasn’t durable enough to withstand their wallet or left an unprofessional impression. Business cards printed on cardstock will look super professional while being thick and durable enough to hold up in their wallet, but not being too thick that it cannot fit in their wallet. Both white and colored cardstock are popular papers used for business cards, and there are many options for different types of printing and finishing applications to create a unique statement for your business.

Holiday Cards

Everyone loves receiving holiday cards from friends and family! It is great to be able to see a photo and a quick message from your loved ones. There are many shades and finishes of white and Colored cardstock that make great holiday cards. White works best when printing because photographs turn out beautifully when printed on white cardstock and allow for embellishment with colored cardstock which can be metallic or glitter to add a festive touch. Colored cardstock is available in a multitude of shades so you are sure to find just the right one to create your holiday cards and bring cheer to your friends and family.

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