If you are in awe of Ariel, the Disney princess from The Little Mermaid, there is no chance that you can say no to ‘MERMAID DRESSES’. That’s right; mermaid outfits are sheerly mesmeric to create a fairytale statement. 

Being a style that fits snug to the body through the torso and hips with a ‘fishtail’ flare to the floor, mermaid dresses help fashionistas be playful. That being said, who doesn’t want to dress up magically in a mermaid silhouette? Surely, we all do!

As mermaid gowns on sale are a hot trend among prom queens, brides, and every woman, they deserve to be put on a pedestal. So, here we come up with the top 5 facts about your favorite mermaid outfits that will blow your mind. Get ready for it, ladies!

  1. Mermaid Dresses Are French Man’s Work Of Art

Thanks to the hub of fashion, France, we got a chance to take pleasure in the most enchanting creation – mermaid gowns. French designer Marcel Rochas is a true begetter who first introduced the mermaid style in the 1930s. He was well-known for his trademark hourglass styles and his efforts to evolve the female form.

Since then, mermaid style has been a treasure trove for style hunters. Today, we can find plentiful designs, patterns, details, and colors in mermaid dresses on clearance sale online.

  1. Mermaid Dresses Are Celebrities First Choice

From Beyonce to Kim Kardashian, there are several celebrities who proudly flaunted their curves on the red carpet by dolling up in both cute and sexy mermaid dresses. This has been the thing since the 1950s. And why not? Mermaid gowns give a perfect mix of sexiness and femininity, thus helping Hollywood divas stay in the limelight.

  1. Mermaid Dresses Creates An Illusion Of Taller Torso 
Most dresses with full skirts or silhouettes drown the figure of petite women. However, mermaid outfits are an exception. As their skirts fall to the floor while hugging your curves snuggly, they create an illusion of a taller torso. Spot on! Petite fashionistas can get a buzz out of mermaid dresses on inventory sales to revamp their fashion game for a party or special event.
  1. Mermaid Dresses Are Available In Plentiful Styles

When we talk about mermaid outfits, we only think of a fishtail flare and a tight waist. But this doesn’t mean that they are not playful. Mermaid dresses at discounts are available in plentiful yet unique styles for every occasion. 

Say, for example,

Ruffled, jacquard, sequin, and tiered are Avant-garde styles in the collection of mermaid prom dresses. On the other hand, mermaid gowns with cutouts and slits are a great choice for homecoming and cocktails. You can easily snap up all these stunning styles at cut-price online. 

  1. Mermaid Dresses Are Brides’ Dreams

Mermaid outfits are not only the prized possession of celebrities for their red carpet appearances, but they are also a top pick among many blushing brides as they dream of leading to the altar in mesmeric style. The top mermaid style wedding dresses cover off-shoulder, strapless, and spaghetti strapped necklines with tiered and ruffled patterns. Beads and embellishment on the luxurious fabric also help brides strike a trailblazing statement.

Mermaid dresses are beyond the wildest dreams of women. As they are consistently winning the fashion chart every year, they entail being the pride and joy of your wardrobe. So, get the ‘ONE’ for you and wear it on special events to steal the spotlight!

In The World Full Of Magic, Be The Next Ariel In A Mermaid Gown!


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