4 color 1 station screen printing machine consist of 4 color with 1 station (Pallet).

This is a table top model, where 4 different color can be print simuntaniously by rotating the frames.

The size of the pallet is standard A3 Size (16×21) inches ,and also we do customized the pallets.

The Machine has a super built up quality with 100% correct registation. The features available here are 

Bearing locking system , off contact adjustment , hydraulic springs for correct tension and we provide frame holding clam for better 

grips .

Over all the machine is very solid and smooth. Due its build up quality the give longer durability .


10 Reasons to not Text and Drive

It’s hard to miss all those heartfelt commercials that convey the risks of texting while driving. So many youngsters have lost their lives in the event of taking their eyes off the road for a few seconds just to check a text message. One death affects so many lives, and that one text is so not worth it. Despite being aware of how dangerous this feat is, many people continue to text and drive. They simply cannot resist the buzz of the notification or put away their smartphone while driving because bad habits are hard to break.

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