Gurgaon is a place very famous for its work-life and flooding opportunities. People from all across the country look for jobs and a living in the area and are lucky to find some during such tough times of competition. Another thing Gurgaon is famous for is its inevitable party culture and presence of enough number of pubs and more that offer 24*7 places for parties. These workaholic people are not shy when it comes to spending their weekends properly with enough fun to cool off the heat from the work over the week. Although during lockdown all of it has come to a halt and there is absolutely no sense of going out in the pandemic nor are there any places open for people. 

In such a scenario how can you take the week off with a little party is a query but we have the answer to it. Your home is the place where you will have your next bash over the weekend after reading this article and don’t forget to take your friends on video calls too while you have fun. Read below to know ways to organise a party at home with little efforts but a lot of entertainment. 

  • Order a cake

Every party begins with a cake so order cake online Gurgaon from a reputable online bakery that delivers at your place and has reliable reviews. You can order the cake as per the number of people in your family. You can also club it with cupcakes and order it in flavours like red velvet, chocolate, strawberry and many others. 

  • Order or cook food

Since you have decided to devote the whole weekend to the fun you won’t be short of time to make food yourself but if you think you are not so good at it you can always order. And YouTube is your biggest helper if not your inborn talent. You can always order snacks and main course all from one place along with the drinks you like. 

  • Beverages and soft drinks

Every party should have a bunch of beverages and soft drinks and whatnot to keep it going. For all the time that people just sit around and chit chat, a drink should always compliment their hand. If you don’t have it already feel free to order it too. 

  • Inhouse theme 

Decorate your house to change the mood and don’t settle for an ordinary setting. You can make decorations with either balloon and stuff and you can set up a tent as well in your background to make it look extra real. You can take ideas from the internet and spend a day at a very real party. 

  • Binge-watch

Give yourself a pampering session with a lot of binge-watching the series not on your phone while you ignore your house chores but officially on the big screen in your house while you eat and drink and don’t even know where your phone and laptop are. There’s nothing better for a celebration than some free time and intriguing series. 

  • Music 

Set up a music system without which it is impossible to get the party started. You can keep it as loud as you find comfortable and the best part is that all of you and your friends on a video call can play the music they like and no one has to compromise. But also you can share playlists and listen to the same songs. 

  • Dress up

Look fantastic. It’s a party, otherwise what’s the point. Dress up like a diva or a gentleman and give yourself an opportunity to step out of those pyjamas. Dress to impress yourself and to feel good and confident. Come out of your work from home environment and change the mood with a full-on dress.  

  • No gadgets 

Try to avoid using any of the devices you have that even though ease your work but keep you engaged and occupied with other things as well like the incessant and needless scrolling on social media. Use that time to do something productive and if not that just sit peacefully and enjoy a happy time. 


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