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Traveling and marijuana are two of life’s greatest treasures that are even better when combined. There’s nothing like going on vacation, reaching your destination, and being able to pull out your handy stash kit and spark up right away to get your holiday off on the right foot. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t worry about all the pitfalls that come with transporting weed. We’d just stuff Sativa in the suitcase, pop an edible on the plane, and be on our merry way.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t quite there yet, and marijuana laws vary significantly from state to state and country to country. It’s a wise idea to educate yourself and take a few precautions before you travel so your bud doesn’t end up getting you in a sticky situation. Here are a few tips for the prudent pot-smoker to follow.

1.  Don’t smoke in the car.

This seems obvious, as it is illegal to do so, but getting pulled over with a mushroom cloud of Bubba Kush in your ride will put you on the fast track to a license suspension or worse. Save the fun for when you safely reach your destination.

2.  Keep the bud in the boot.

Whether you are in a cannabis-friendly state or not, there is no need to draw unwanted attention to yourself. Nothing will irk an officer faster than seeing a bag of weed and an ashtray full of roaches in a vehicle smelling like Snoop Dogg’s studio when you get pulled over. Stay on the safe side and store your stash in the trunk.

3.  Don’t travel with more than an ounce.

Even in places where marijuana is legal, the restriction for personal possession is usually around 30 grams. If you’re driving around with a garbage bag full of weed, you’re just asking for trouble.

4.  Invest in a decent stash kit.

Nearly everyone has a nice little bag for toiletries while traveling. So, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get your ganja game and splurge for a carrying case to escort Mary Jane to her destination. It’s a great way to stay organized and buds in one place in a nice smell-proof case or bag. Always get them from marijuana seed bank US.

5.  Do not travel internationally with marijuana.

Once again, this may seem obvious, but year after year, people continue to take the risk and are at the mercy of a foreign country’s laws. Some foreign laws are not so friendly and can include serious jail time and, in extreme cases, even a death sentence. It’s strongly advised to leave your marijuana at home when flying internationally, but if you are dead set on it, be sure to know the laws of the country you are arriving in and assess the risk you are taking.

6.  It’s best not to fly domestically with marijuana.

Marijuana is still illegal under federal law. And unfortunately, post-security areas in airports are controlled by federal agencies, so being caught with weed can always lead to a date with law enforcement, even if you are in a marijuana-friendly state.

7.  But it might not be a deal.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not actively search for drugs. They are searching for more dangerous contraband like bombs and weapons. However, if they do find illegal drugs on you, they must report it to the local law enforcement. The good news is that if you are in a marijuana-friendly state and found with an amount within your rights, the law enforcement officers are not likely to do anything other than watch you dispose of it.

So if you are flying from one legal state to another legal state, the chances are that if you are under your limit, the worst thing that will happen to you is that you’ll have to throw your stash in the trash. But it’s up to you to decide how much risk you want to take and whether you’re comfortable tossing your bud in the bin if push comes to shove.

Bonus. CBD is legal federally, so you will have no problem flying with it domestically as long as it doesn’t contain any amount of THC.


We all dream of a day in the not-so-distant future where packing weed for a trip will be no different than packing your suntan lotion. There has been significant progress in the last decade, and things are looking up for the humble bud not to be discriminated against on planes, trains, and automobiles. Canada has already legalized marijuana federally, so pot has a valid passport to fly or drive anywhere within the country so long as it stays under the 30-gram threshold. But for now, in the United States, it’s essential to do our due diligence and make sure we are responsible when traveling with our little green friend.