Black granite is a newer option to the more traditional granite colors such as white or grey. Well, black granite has become popular because of its different look and color. Granite has a lower density quartz content and a higher proportion of dark minerals with ions. And other metals like titanium, manganese, sodium. But it is not only the aesthetics that make black granites attractive for consumers. It also offers many advantages.

Consumers generally want to buy inexpensive products that they will later need to replace soon after they’re installed. It’s difficult for consumers to find the balance between quality and price. Black granite has become increasingly popular because it fits into this demand. 

Although black granite pricing levels are high, consumers are opting for the higher cost option due to its aesthetic features and long-term durability. Black granites offer many benefits that traditional granite tops do not which makes their lower initial price tag a reasonable investment over time.

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  1. Granite Counters Are Virtually Stain Proof
  2. Black granite is durable.
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Granite Countertops Are Virtually Stain Proof

One of the most common complaints about kitchen tops is the wear and tear from daily life. Also, especially with kitchens being one of the most frequently used rooms in a home. Black granites, however, have a natural resistance to everyday damage such as scratches. Or stains from washing dishes or cooking daily meals at home. 

Granite tops are largely resistant to stains, scratches, and even the heat of a stove. So, black granites can be fitted with absolutely no seams which allow for full protection over the entire surface of the countertop. Black granite also offers an additional warranty for life.

Black granite is durable.

Granite is stronger than other colors of stone such as white or grey. So, which means it will easily stand up to everyday wear and tear. Black granites are extremely durable due to their high-density quartz content which has been ground into fine particles during production. The result is a very hard stone that makes up black granite tops. So, that will not wear down easily even through constant use in kitchens and bathrooms. Black granite is less porous than other colors of granite, which means that it is far less likely to scratch or stain, even with use. 

So, black granites are also formulated with high-quality resins and binders that result in a stronger product. And thus more durability than most other stone tops on the market. Black granite has an extremely low water absorption rate. So, this is due to the small pores within the stone resulting in low maintenance for black granite tops. Well, black granite can be easily cleaned with products like soap and water yet still maintains its color over time.

Easy To Care 

Black granites are easy to care for because they require little work. It can withstand daily wear and tear better than many other stones without showing damage. These tops do not require any type of sealing or resealing. So, which means that homeowners do not have to worry about purchasing these products in the future. 

Black granites are very low maintenance when it comes to cleaning and can be cleaned with just soap and water. These also resist stains well due to their strong composition. So, which prevents any type of staining even from red wine or other similar food items. Also, these are virtually stain-proof. However, they may need to be re-polished every four years if they begin to show signs of wear.

Unique And Stylish 

Black granites offer a different option in the market for tops. And also offer a cohesive, stylish option for tops throughout the entire home. These offer a sleek and polished look to any kitchen or bathroom. And will give your space a sense of style and sophistication. Well, these tops are perfect for homeowners who want a sleek and modern look without the high maintenance. 

Black granites, however, can be paired up with other colors. So, which allows homeowners to design their entire space exactly the way they desire. These also offer homeowners more color options than other types of kitchen and bathroom counters. So, which means you will find something in black granite that is both unique and beautiful.

More eco-friendly

Black granites require less energy during production than many traditional stones such as white or grey because fewer minerals need to be mined to produce them. These tops require 30% percent less energy than producing common countertop surfaces such as marble, limestone, and granite. Black granite countertops are a great choice for those who care about preserving the environment. And also want to save money on their energy bill. 


With all the benefits of black granite tops, it’s no wonder they are becoming more popular. They are virtually stain-proof, durable, and easy to care for. So, black granite is unique and stylish while being more eco-friendly than other stone types. Black granite pricing levels are high but customers buy them because they are durable and worthy. If you have been considering what type of material your kitchen or bathroom counters should be made from, consider black granite.


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