Golden rules of intestinal health

How are you? Every day, this expression has its origins in an ancient Roman custom, where it was cool to ask people if they were okay with a bowel action. Having a bowel movement daily was indeed a symbol of good health, and of course, it still is! Some simple laws of hygiene of life enable us to take care of our colon.

The main villains of the intestinal micro biota?

Tiredness, stress, dietary imbalances, taking some medications, such as antibiotics. To protect it, we are acting on all aspects.

Tame stress

We know that mental stresses can unbalance our microbiota for a long time and affect pain and transit disorders. We have just found that the reverse is only as true: an unbalanced microbiota enhances sensitivity to stress, increases anxiety, fits depression. A real bad circle. While it is impossible to escape all causes of stress, you can teach your body to “digest” them. Nothing like a weekly exercise that calms the mind and helps take care of yourself to accomplish this. Yoga, tai chi, qi gong, sophrology are the right solutions! We can also keep small moments every day to “unplug.”

Eat well-balanced and diversified

By dint of being read and heard, this information can get boring. However, it is the digestive system base and the surest guarantee of its proper functioning and the least “industrial” food.

Eat lots of fiber

For a healthy colon, it should include fiber in all your meals. They provide the total digestion of the food we eat. The National Health Nutrition Program (PNNS) supports 25 to 30 g of fiber for an adult each day. In comparison, the average actual consumption of a person would rather be around 15 to 22 g.

Found in fruits apples and pears with their peels, raspberries, and blackberries, vegetables such as peas, beets, carrots, broccoli, artichokes, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, corn, turnip, potatoes with the peel, you.

Avoid vitamin d insufficiency

Intestinal disorders usually go hand in hand with a vitamin D deficiency,” notes Vanessa Lopez, naturopath.

On the contrary, very pale or much pigmented skin and the elderly have every interest in treating their doctor’s needs. Fildena and vidalista 60 are best cure for impotence for men. If they require supplementation, I avoid synthetic vitamin D ampoules,” says the naturopath. They are too dosed and include adjuvants. Falls of natural vitamin D are found in laboratories D. Plantes, Nutergia, and Yves Ponroy. In any case, to support our body to synthesize enough, we must take a little sun, even in cloudy weather, every day. The egg yolk, the fatty fish, and cod liver oil also make a bit.

Favor emollient foods

Favor emollient foods, which will soften the inflamed parts of the intestine. They also have the power of reducing sensitivity to stomach acids. Get in the way of eating raw oats, plantain, or ground flaxseed, for breakfast or in a salad.

Force yourself to chew well

Good digestion starts with good chewing. So we take the time to eat. Are we having trouble regulating the pace? We put our fork down after each bite. If that’s not sufficient, we go straight to chopsticks, the time to find better ways.

A diet that is too “soft” is also not suggested: we keep products on the menu that ask you to chew well. Finally, we avoid coming to the table hungry, and we forget the parasitic activities, such as reading or TV, which divide us from our taste sensations and disturb the digestion.

Drink lots of water and hit down on coffee and alcohol

Do you usually suffer from digestive difficulties, and are you a heavy drinker of coffee? Do not search anymore! Caffeine can disturb the stomach and intestines, sometimes causing inflammation. So limit your coffee and black tea using and chocolate, which have the same irritant impact.

Because of the sugars, alcohol constitutes a favorable ground for yeasts and harmful bacteria in the intestine. In case of inflammation, avoid all alcohol consumption, beer, wine, and spirits for 4 weeks and get into the habit of preferring water to alcohol in general.

Drinking water will help your body flush out toxins and feces. As a reminder, the prescribed quantity of water is at least 1.5 liters per day, to say 8 glasses.

Have a general physical activity

Again, nothing new: physical activity is required to maintain good health. Especially in case of a little lazy digestion: the physical exercise sessions will promote intestinal peristalsis movement created by the digestion mechanism.

A simple walk after a meal will support arouse your body and aid the digestion process.

Opt for food supplements

If you suffer from intestinal dysfunctions despite all these hints, or if you want to maintain the excellent health of your colon, do not wait to take dietary supplements two to three times a year. Tadalista and vidalista 40 are also great treatment for ED problem. Indeed, waste and toxins collect in the colon, which can interfere with optimal functioning.

Pay attention to glutamine intake

Glutamine is an amino acid necessary for the proper functioning of intestinal cells. It is mainly found in animal proteins like meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and vegetables like legumes, cereals, specifies by Vanessa Lopez. And in lesser amounts in parsley, raw spinach, miso sauce, and dried fruits. High-dose sport, a vegan diet, and certain diseases can cause insufficiencies that can remedy food supplements.

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The Detox Colon formulation is hence ideal for detoxifying and taking care of the colon. Of 100% natural origin, it consists of nine extracts of plants carefully chosen and known to gently purify and contribute to internal comforts such as Tamarind, Fennel, Aloe Vera, or Caneficier as well as fibers pre-biotics to help the micro biota.


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