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Lingering Odors

Should Hire a Professional

Odors, no doubt, are a usual occurrence in houses and business places. But when it turns out offensive, then something needs to be done. Foul odors can really be a cause for concern when they are allowed to linger, in which they become really difficult to deal with. For this reason, you must hire the best odor removal service Miami FL. You may be able to take care of non-offensive odors yourself by using air fresheners and by doing a general cleanup in your house. But when these odors become offensive, this signifies that there might be huge damage to your properties and this will usually need expert help.

Causes of Lingering Odors

As part of the process of lingering odor removal, professional odor removal service Miami FL will always try to identify the source of the smell. A variety of factors can contribute to foul odors in the home.

  1. Biological Materials

One major cause of foul smell at home is biological materials. A major source of biological matter which contributes to foul smell is dead animals, majorly insects, and rodents. When these animals die, the body decomposes resulting in a foul odor.

Blood is another biological matter that can cause a foul odor. Because of the harmful effects of biological matter, it is important that they be treated properly and carefully.

If you are dealing with odors from biological matters, contact odor removal service Miami FL to handle it.

  1. Fire and Smoke Damage

Another cause of the foul odor is the result of fire damage. This might not be as offensive as the odor from biological matter but it can pose more serious health risks. If a fire outbreak, no matter how small, has occurred recently in your house, you may need to call in for professional help to do a thorough cleanup. The smoke from the fire can be harmful to the respiratory system.

Additionally, indoor smoking (mainly cigarettes) can also cause foul odors. This again is another serious threat to health because the tiny smoke particles can adhere to properties and cause prolonged exposure.

  1. Water and Mold Damage

Another cause of foul odor which is of major concern is water damage, especially category 3 water damage. Category 3 water damage is a result of contaminated water which serves as a fertile ground for microorganisms to breed and grow. One particular class of microorganisms of concern is mold. Mold can grow in a damp environment. As such, they strive and can grow in such conditions. Having these two agents together produce a foul odor which can make the house uncomfortable. Additionally, molds can pose serious health risks to homeowners.

Why Hire a Professional

These experts have the expertise and experience needed to effectively remove any lingering odor in your home. These experts will take their time to determine the source of the odor and attend to it peculiarly. Once the root cause has been identified, odor removal service becomes an easy task.