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Flowers after they are cut from the trees need a lot of care, so that even after being cut they remain fresh and vibrant for long. Flowers are considered to be colourful and beautiful gifts and they have a lovely fragrance which makes one’s mood much better.

Hence if one wants to send flower to Pakistan, to make their near and dear ones happy then there are many online florist sites from where they can order fresh flower bouquets.

Now, when one receives a nice flower bouquet then in order to keep them fresh for a few more days, one has to keep a few things in mind. The roots of the flowers do have a proper filtering system and they prevent the bacteria from entering there. Also the roots of the flowers can provide a source which can look after the pH balance in the water and feed the plants with the correct minerals. So, when the flowers are cut off from the plants, the filtering system gets removed and the flowers also soak in unfiltered water. One has to block these stems, so that it cannot interfere with the water.

·         When one decides to put the flowers in a vase, they need to wash the vase thoroughly. It is a good idea to wash the vase with lukewarm water along with a spoonful of bleach. Then, one can dry it up with a towel and keep it in open till it becomes dry in natural air. One has to ensure that the vase is absolutely clean.

·         After the vase is cleaned, one has to pour some tap water inside the vase which can be great for fresh flowers. They can provide some proper conditioning to those vibrant blooms.

·         Then one has to cut the stems of the flowers from the bouquet in such an angle that it can receive the perfect amount of water from the vase.  If the stems are woody much then it is better to keep them in a deep drink. But in case of softer stems, one has to go for shallow drinks. One has to allow the water in the vase to settle down first and the air bubbles must escape before one puts the flower in it.

·         It is a good idea to mix a pack of flower food in the vase and make sure that it is well dissolved in the water. This flower food has bleach, sugar and citric acid which can give proper nutrition to the flowers. But yes, one must keep changing the flower food mixed water every 2 days to keep the flowers fresh.

·         If not flower food then one can take 2 aspirin tablets and make a fine dust out of it. Then one can mix it with the vase water and can keep the flowers fresh with that because aspirin can kill bacteria.

For flowers delivery Pakistan, one can always buy bouquets online as there are plenty of options and door to door delivery services.