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2020 has given us very little to look forward to, but we can always look forward to brands unveiling new smartphone models. There are a few upcoming mobile phones that come with amazing features. We’ve lined up the top three stars of the show among mobile phones under 15,000 INR.

Samsung Galaxy F41

Rumoured to be unveiled in October, the Samsung Galaxy F41 comes with a 64MP rear camera, that Samsung claims will help users get more likes and traction on social media. 

The smartphone is the answer to our streaming-prompted display requirements, as it comes with its infinity AMOLED display. Best of all, it comes with the muscle to manage all its impressive features with a 6,000mAh battery.

Industry insiders claim that the phone is likely to have two versions; one offering 4GB RAM and the other, 6GB RAM. Even for those of us looking for a mobile phone under 15,000 INR, this upcoming mobile phone might just be a good reason to loosen purse strings just a tad. It is touted to be priced at 15,999.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro F3

Especially considering the fact that it is a mobile phone less than 15,000 INR, the Asus Zenfone Max Pro F3 boasts several superb features, particularly through the lens of its Rs. 12,999 anticipated price. 

Expected to launch sometime this month, this smartphone is probably going to be every binge-watcher’s dream-come-true, with a larger-than-the-average-phone 6.6-inch screen, in typical Asus style. 

The phone comes with 4GB RAM, along with an octa-core processor. The Asus Zenfone Max Pro F3’s astounding 20MP front camera already has selfie-lovers very excited about the promise of clear, flattering photos. This phone will also sport a 48MP rear camera. 

Motorola One Vision Plus

Since most of us spend the major part of our day being seen virtually, rather than in real life, it is only natural that we are correspondingly concerned with our front cameras. If you cried “yay” to that, then the Motorola One Vision Plus is most likely just what you have been waiting for. 

It promises a 25MP front camera, and also flaunts a 48MP primary shooter at the back. If you’re looking for a mobile under 15,000 INR, and your main criteria is an absolutely stellar camera, this mobile certainly looks like it will bag the best-in-class medal when it comes to cameras, and selfie cameras in particular. 

Among upcoming mobile phones, this model is particularly sweet in the price department, especially given its features, as it is expected to be priced at Rs. 14,390. 

Slated for launch later this month, the Motorola One Vision Plus is touted to offer 4GB RAM and 4,000mAh battery with turbo charging. 

Give yourself something to look forward to with these upcoming mobile phones. And don’t spoil the party by worrying about having to rip a hole in your pocket either. 

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