Kraft boxes are made of Kraft material which is widely available in the market. Small businesses have limited resources. They have to work within their resources or have to manage their resources effectively to earn profits and to sustain. They have financial constraints especially if the business is a startup. Most of the time the owner will be busy gathering the required financial source. They have a small number of people working for them. Some soap businesses are even started from home with zero or no workforce. They are unable to do mass marketing for their product because of the financial constraints. Small businesses do very limited branding for their products which is very important for fast-moving consumer goods because there are varieties of a large number of consumer goods available in the market and if the product is not unique in the eyes of consumers then the product is not going to compete in the market with other products. Small businesses, especially startups, have to keep the price of products at a low level to grab more market share. This is another challenge for small businesses because such low prices might not be sustainable for them for a long period.

The packaging is the last step in the manufacturing of soap boxes. You must consider the proper packaging. The packaging is a very important aspect of branding and can increase the value of your product which is why it is given great importance. The right packaging can improve your sales to a great extent. Keep in view the problems identified above; small businesses should use Kraft boxes for soap packaging because of the following reasons:


Packaging can be very costly. For some products, it is seen that the cost of packaging is more than the cost of the actual product. Kraft boxes are made from very cheap material. It is a perfect choice for small businesses. Every organization has the objective to reduce the cost of manufacturing to a minimum level as possible. As low as your cost of manufacturing is, you will be able to earn more and more profits especially in the case of startups when the price of products needs to be low in the beginning to grab market share. Kraft boxes keep your cost low which helps you to sustain in the initial days of businesses.


Like sleeve boxes are made from the material which is ecofriendly. By using kraft boxes for packaging of soap, small businesses can display a positive image of themselves in front of their customers by showing their attitude towards the environment. This is also called corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is mandatory for large businesses that encompass certain thresholds made by the regulators. Thus, Kraft boxes are the cheap means for fulfilling the responsibility towards the environment for small businesses and displaying an image of a responsible company that is willing to “give it back to the world”. The small company can display this information on its Kraft box packaging. Moreover, now a day’s people tend to buy the product which is environment friendly.

Less human resource required:

Kraft boxes are simple boxes that are easily assembled within a fraction of seconds by anyone. You do not require a piece of specialized knowledge to assemble Kraft boxes for packaging. You can order Kraft boxes of a specific size, design, printed, engraved, embroiled, etc. as you want. You just need to assemble it. Since small businesses are started at home or have very small working space, it does not require a large workforce to assemble and pack the soap in the Kraft boxes which is one of the benefits of Kraft box packaging for small businesses.


Kraft boxes are easily available in the market. Kraft boxes are also customizable into various shapes, sizes, designs and also you can print your brand logo, name, company information, product information, product ingredients, etc

Small business owners do not have to spend their time in finding the Kraft boxes from the market. Rather they spend their time in other important activities like business development, the arrangement of finance, etc. They just have to give information such as size, shape, information to be printed on Kraft boxes, etc. one time over the internet and the supplier can himself get them delivered to their doorstep.


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