Bloodborne pathogens like HIV and Hepatitis are transmittable diseases. In other words, an uninfected person can contract the virus from an infected person. Those who specialize in biohazard cleaning services are at greater risk of getting infected. Why? Because they are mostly exposed to blood and potentially harmful items while at work. Apart from biohazard cleaning specialists, other professions that are likely to be exposed to blood include crime scene cleaners, health workers, emergency medical technicians, dentists, first aid responders, and lots more. 

Remember to take extra protective measures and protect yourself from these harmful micro-organisms if you do any of the following

  • If you deal with human blood more often
  • If you are in a department where they deal with tissues and bodily fluids then you are at greater risk.
  • If you work in a section where they handle more of serum, pericardial fluid, amniotic fluid, pleural fluid, and vaginal secretions?
  • If you offer crime scene cleaning services. This profession demands that you take extra care and precaution in handling objects and materials. Items and surfaces in a crime scene may likely get infected with blood. 
  • Are you a pet doctor? Human can contract blood transmitted diseases from infected animals. A typical example is hepatitis B. So if you work with primates or you work close to their habitats, you are vulnerable to exposures to bloodborne pathogens. 
  • Do you work in an establishment where they produce items that contain hepatitis B?
  • Are you a mortuary attendant that comes in contact with dead bodies at all times? 
  • Are your body parts such as the eyes, nose, and mouth always at risk of exposure to blood and bodily fluids while at work?
  • How often do you handle sharp objects such as blades, knives, and injections that have been used on an infected individual? 

If you answer yes to the above-mentioned questions, then you are at risk of exposure to harmful micro-organisms. Many people who do blood-related work daily undergo mandatory training to keep them abreast of the dangers of the work they are exposed to. More so, they must be properly dressed at all times. Regardless of the nature of the job, hand gloves are a necessity. The right protective gear will keep them safe and protected from infections. Before using these items, it is important that you double-check for any tear or damage. After work, remove the clothes gently and with great care to avoid self-contamination. Do not splash blood or bodily fluids on every surface around the workspace. 

Note that cleaning an area with blood and other hazardous contaminants is the responsibility of professionals who specialize in biohazard cleaning services. These harmful bloodborne pathogens are biohazards and as such be treated as one. These experts will keep the environment clean and properly sanitized. They are aware of all bloodborne pathogens standards. Hence, they are properly equipped to handle any situation without fear.


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