You’ve been hearing a lot about CBD recently and it all sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?! So, obviously, you are now keen to try it for yourself, but you don’t know which CBD product to start with. Plus there are two big issues – 1) you don’t like the taste of “weed” and 2) you don’t vape so surely that doesn’t leave you with many, if any options, right? Well, wrong, actually. That’s where Paso comes in. We purposefully developed a range of products that would suit both newbies like you and those that are more familiar with the world of CBD. This meant that we needed to have a selection of products that were more approachable for those that were a little more nervous to try so formats that were relatable and more user friendly such as a chocolate or sweets. Whilst CBD chocolate in the UK did already exist, everything we had tried up until that point wasn’t very generous with the CBD (but still made it pricey) or tasted really bitter with a dry, hempy aftertaste. This last point, especially for new CBD takers who didn’t like the taste of weed, made it very unappealing and, we thought, acted as a bit of a barrier for those keen, but apprehensive to try it. So we set about developing a delicious CBD chocolate that could even hold its own alongside a non-CBD chocolate.

In this post, I will explain what we think makes our CBD chocolate so good and why it’s the perfect segway for you into the delights of CBD. 

We found that the CBD chocolate for sale in the UK was complacent to the fact that their product contained CBD and so neglected its taste – having CBD was enough. But, we truly believed (and hopefully have proved) that this was wrong – you don’t have to skimp on taste when CBD is in the mix. You can still make your CBD products absolutely delicious attracting new customers and leaving them wanting to come back for more. CBD has been such a huge benefit to us and so being able to encourage people to try and share in the magic was our mission – and the only way we could do that was to make our products taste and look amazing! Hard not to grab from the shelf and almost impossible not to eat more than a suggested serving!

All our CBD chocolate is created in the UK and handmade in small batches which gives some of our bars the odd bubble or two. It comes in the three flavours – dark, milk and white – all made from Belgian Chocolate. Our CBD dark chocolate is delicately bitter with a rich roast cocoa taste, our CBD milk chocolate is deliciously creamy with notes of caramel, and our CBD white chocolate offers a velvety smooth burst of vanilla. Each flavour is perfectly balanced with a mildly floral finish from the CBD (a welcome change from that bitter earthy taste often found in other CBD edibles). We are thinking of branching out into more flavours so if you do try and have any suggestions for us, we always welcome suggestions 🙂 

We also wanted to make our packaging have a premium look and feel so that people were drawn to it on the shelves or in magazines. This meant we didn’t want to make the traditional associations or parallels with cannabis with hemp leaves emblazoned all over the packaging to not ostracise or deter people from trying it. Our CBD chocolate bars look like any other high end chocolate so fit in very nicely alongside them on the shelves of Selfridges.  

Lastly, CBD edibles, specifically CBD chocolate, are a great place to start if you are new to CBD. CBD edibles (not including CBD oil drops) tend to be a bit weaker or less concentrated as they are blended in with other ingredients to make your savoury snack or sweet treat! Also, because they are taken in an edible format, it takes a bit longer for the CBD to take effect in the body. This is because the CBD is ingested as a food and so, as with all food, has to pass through the digestive system before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. As such, we suggest waiting a bit of time before scoffing down a lot more CBD chocolate to make sure you have the right dosage. 

Let us know if you have any questions for us – we’re here to help and are excited to welcome you into the Paso family! 

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