Many people would like to see their home free of mold infestation but unfortunately, they do not know how? By hiring a professional offering mold remediation services Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Whether or not you are allergic to molds, mold exposure can cause several health problems. 

Who’s at Risk?

Mold allergies are common these days. People who are allergic to mold may display symptoms such as skin rash, runny nose, sneezing, and red eyes. These are just mild symptoms. Other more serious mold allergic reactions include breathlessness. Asthma patients on the other hand who are allergic to mold may experience asthma attacks often than normal. 

Apart from those people who are allergic to mold and asthmatic patients, others who may be more sensitive to mold exposure include the senior citizens, kids, individuals suffering from respiratory issues and people with a weak immune system which has been compromised by cancer, liver, HIV, chemotherapy, liver disease and lots more. 

It is however critical to know where mold grows from. With this, mold remediation services Philadelphia Pennsylvania will know the best method to use. Mold can grow anywhere – on the walls, floors, furniture, flooring, clothing, appliances, and many more. All these can provide mold with the nutrient it needs to survive. However, without moisture mold will die. So expect to see them in damp areas in the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, basement, laundry rooms, and crawl spaces. 

Tips for Controlling Mold in the Home

Truth is, there is no sure-fire way to prevent mold from growing and developing in your home. One way you can put mold growth under control is to fix damp issues and eliminate moisture in the home. Keep areas prone to dampness dry and clean at all times. 

Here are some recommended ways to tackle mold issues in your home

  • Fix the root cause of the problem. Inspect all pipes for leakages and fix all water leaks. If you are experiencing a leaky roof, contact a professional to fix it as soon as possible. Ensure your HVAC unit is in great working conditions. Install a dehumidifier to keep the home dry and prevent moisture accumulation. Fix whatever leaks you might have in your home quickly. 
  • Ventilation is key to keeping mold growth to its barest minimum. Increase air circulation within your home. Allow fresh, natural air into your home. Open your windows and ensure your fan works efficiently. Invest in exhaust fans in areas prone to mold growth like laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 
  • Install a dehumidifier. Modern HVAC units come with a dehumidifier as it allows you to keep the home dry and moisture-free. With this device, you can improve your indoor air quality all year round. The recommended humidity levels range from 30% to 50%.  

Reach out to technicians who specialize in mold remediation services Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Even if you have everything in place, mold may still grow and develop. These experts will first perform a mold test to determine the best line of action. If you are tired of mold growth in your home, it’s high time you reached out to a professional mold remediation company for help. 


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