Before going through this guide, you should know that the safest course to rendering biohazard cleaning services is by hiring a professional company. Cleaning up a biohazard scene is no joke as there is always a risk of contamination that can be life threatening. Thus, to avoid piling on your problems, its best you ask the professionals to come in and do the cleanup job for you.

Here is a guide no how to biohazard cleaning services clean affected areas. These are the actual steps that the professionals usually take in cleaning any biohazard scene.

Step 1: Assessing the Scene

Biohazard cleaners do not jump headfirst into cleaning a scene. They first assess the scene and estimate the extent of the damage that has been done and what would be needed for repairs and remediation to be carried out. After the assessment is carried out, then the company draws up a cost estimate and presents it to the client to be agreed upon.

Step 2: Isolating the Scene

This step is important so as to prevent the spread of the contamination to other unaffected areas. In isolating the scene, safe places are also set up so that items taken off the scene can be remediated and later on returned without the risk of a cross-contamination.

Step 3: First Phase Cleaning

This entails an overall cleaning of all the surfaces in sight. 

Step 4: Salvaging Items

After the first phase cleaning, all salvageable items are then moved from the scene to a safe space where they can be remediated. The non-salvageable items are thrown out and placed in appropriate garbage bins to be disposed later.

Step 5: Phase Two Cleaning

A more thorough cleaning would now be performed after the items have been moved out of the scene. This would entail intensive cleanup, sanitization and disinfection.

Step 6: Deodorization

Sometimes, even the most thorough cleaning and disinfection doesn’t rid a scene of some strong smells. In this case, special odor removal products and equipment would be use to eradicate such smells. This is the time when such activities are carried out.

Step 7: Inspection

To ascertain that a thorough job has been done, the scene is then inspected and if need be, further cleaning, sanitization or deodorization might be carried out.

Step 8: Restoration

If the scene is inspected and the remarks are satisfactory, then the cleanup crew would begin to move the items that were taken off the scene for remediation earlier back onto the scene. This is also the time when certain repairs would be carried out in the event that certain damages were incurred when the cleanup was being performed.

Step 9: Disposal of Hazardous Materials

All items that were deemed un-salvageable and thus thrown in the garbage bin would have to be properly handled, transported and disposed. All the while, all legal requirements must be met so as to avoid legal problems.

As said from the onset, experts in biohazard cleaning services are your best bet if you want a thorough cleanup job done. 


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