A lot of people crave for finding the best entertainment source to pass their free time. A good option for them is to play fantasy kabaddi. People from all the age groups can play this game and side-by-side can earn money as well. The game has a large number of features and some of them have been mentioned as follows:


 1. The login and the process to download is very easy: One can very easily download the app from the official website and then users can access them through the Google or Facebook accounts and the whole process is very easy.

 2. The app provides various contests: There are daily-based tasks and contests on these platforms from which people can play and enjoy.

 3. The platform provides different modes of payment: The platform supports different payment options like the debit and credit cards from all the leading banks. The platform also supports the E-wallets like Paytm which helps in the easy withdrawal of money won by the users.

 4. One can also create a contest: The apps also provide features of creating a contest in which one can join and set the own joining amount very easily.

 5. The profile showing phase: The app must be able to show the profile of the person who is playing so that the contests which have been played by him or her along with earnings are visible there.

 6. There must be a proper login of admin: This kind of app also provides proper login of the admin with the help of username and password of the first concern.

 7. There must be a feature of managing the accounts: The app must be able to provide a feature of reviewing and managing the account where the user can deactivate or edit the profile of him or her.

 8. There must be a feature of managing the matches: They must be able to provide the option to play and exit the match whenever one wants to do such things.

 9. The earnings section: They must also be able to show the earnings very easily in a clear and precise manner so that one can see it any time.

 10. There must be a feature of the live scorecard: The apps must be able to provide the feature of live scorecard so that one can see the score side by side along with the highlights of the match.

 11. The app must provide integration: They must be able to provide proper integration with other accounts so that one can share a live status of the match on other platforms as well.

 12. The notifications section: They must also be able to provide the notifications in a particular area so that they are available on the devices of the people on which they are playing the game.

 13. The analytics part: The app must be very well-managed and handle the real-time-based data analytics.

 14. Sending proper reminders: The app must also send reminders by email so that the customer base can be widened.



 There are some of the rules to be followed at the time of playing the game of kabaddi. Some of them are mentioned as follows:


 There must be two teams with 12 players each. At a particular point in time, there must be seven playing players. The area will be divided into 2 parts with the help of a white line. Both the teams will be provided with one half each. The scorekeeping is very simple and the teams will get points for sending the players in opponent’s half. There are two tasks for this. At the time of attacking the players get points for touching and eliminating the players of the opponent team. At the time of defending, the pointsare given for preventing the touch. There will be bonus points if the raider touches the line in the opponent’s half. The team with maximum points at the end will be declared as the winner of the match and if the points are same then there will be a tie of match between both the teams.


The process of playing that game is very easy. The main decision to be made is to choose the players of the team. This process is most crucial and all the chances of winning depend upon this. The team can have 2-3 raiders, 2-3 all-rounder’s in a team with a 2-5 defenders in the team. One must not choose all the players from a single thing because this will lead to low chances of winning the game. One has to very well manage all these decisions with the help of a budget of 1000 gems provided by the platform. The decisions of choosing the star players, vice-captain and the captain must also be very wisely made as they help to score good amount of points.


 The basic process of downloading this game and start playing has been mentioned as follows:


 1. One can register and create the account on the official website.

 2. After this, a particular match has to be selected so that one can play.

 3. Then one has to make decisions with the nine players of the team and all these decisions are to be made within the restricted budget of 1000 gems provided by their platform.

 4. After this, the captain and star player have to be selected. These decisions must be wisely made because they have a direct link with the points of the team.

 5. After this one can also join the paid pot using the cash.

 6. After this, the match will begin, and one will start earning the points based on the actual live performance in the match. At the end of the match, the result will be declared and the one with maximum points will be the winner.


The fantasy kabaddi app provides a large number of benefits to all the users and is considered to be the best time pass activity by all. This is the best way to enjoy and earn side-by-side.