One of the most stressful parts for HR in any industry when it comes to hiring is all the forms that are required. Internal documents and signatures are needed tenfold. There’s the job offer, then the contract, the company technology, and security policies, the HR policies and insurance or compensation plans, HR regulations, forms to sign out keys or badges, and much more. All these tasks take place in the space of weeks! If you’re hiring many people at once, this can quickly add up.The switch to paperless systems is easing this burden significantly from each business. In particular, eSign Genie’s e-signature processes allow secure, timely, and efficient document signing without any of the worries that come with losing bits of paper!

Our API for eSignature gives you access to eSign Genie’s growing suite of workflow modules to power your operations.

Here are eSign Genie’s top three advantages for your human resources department.

1. Signed and sent documents have a much quicker turnaround with eSign Genie

Rather than days or weeks, sending and receiving forms to fill out or reports to sign takes seconds! The actual signing can be done in a matter of clicks, and the wizard can even lead the employee through the relevant fields to help. This cuts down paperwork time significantly, and also means that your employees can be done with the paperwork and get to work much more quickly.

2. Mistakes and uncompleted areas are picked up on before they become a problem

If a document comes back to HR filled in incorrectly or with blank fields, eSign Genie will let you know rather than making you trawl through the whole contract every time. We also have software that will remove incorrect or incomplete versions of documents to stop them from cluttering up your storage space. There’s excellent visibility for the HR department, as they can see who has sent and received documents and when. The program will even send automatic reminders to those employees that might be taking a little longer than usual!

3. An easy and efficient onboarding process with eSign Genie

First off, most of the workforce these days much prefer to esign documents and at a distance than having to schedule several meetings with a busy HR department. With eSign Genie, the pre-filling and pre-signing of all forms and time-sensitive contracts are made even more straightforward than it ever has been before. This allows onboarding to start when it should – on the first day; the employee officially starts work! No more spending days or a week working on paperwork – you can get right into training and get your employees pumped up about the business from the word go.

eSign Genie is the trusted e-signature provider across several industries. We don’t only work well in HR. We are also trusted across many big-name fields: healthcare and medicine, senior care, education, law and trending politics, and many more! So if you’re looking for a more simple way to get your employees on board and save your HR department a few headaches, why not look into eSign Genie now?


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