Customisation of gifts like caricatures, names, initials, dates, etc. adds charm to any basic gift. Personalised gifts are a nice way to express your affection for someone special. And like you revise your wardrobe almost every year, it is time to revise your personalised birthday gift list for 2020, as well. Let’s have a look at some trendy personalised gifts ideas that are a hit this season.

1.     Name Keychain- Keychains are the most useful gifts but are underrated. Gifting a keychain with the person’s name on it, and some tassels hanging on and off, would make a cutesy birthday gift for anyone. Your friend or family member will be using the keychain every day, for sure.

2.     Pet Portrait Mug- Photo mugs are in trend from a long time now. And to twist these photo mugs, get your friend’s, pet dog’s or kitten’s photo printed on the mug. This pet photo mug would be the right gift for anyone who is a pet lover.

3.     Tote Bags- Well tote bags will make a perfect birthday gift for someone, who is soon going on a vacation or maybe who is a travel-freak. Get your friend a tote bag with their name imprinted on it; online stores are decked with such bags.

4.     Charm Bracelets- Bracelets are back in action, but this time with zodiac charms or maybe name engraved charms. Get one such bracelet personalised as per your choice and present it to your friend.
5.     Fingerprint Heart Pendant- Gift your friend a heart-touching gift in the form of a heart-shaped pendant, that has your thumbprint or fingerprint engraved on it. You can also add a bit more personalisation to the gift by engraving the recipient’s name on it.

6.     Monogram Candles- Scented candles work while you want to relax your mind. And if your friend is someone who adores such things, then get him or her a pair of scented glass candles. Choose the ones that have their name initials engraved on it.

7.     Cutting Board- Another hit gift of the year 2020 has to be a cutting or chopping board. You know your friend and family member, who either loves cooking and experimenting or does not like cooking at all. Motivate both types of friends and family members with a customised cutting board that has an engraved message for them.

8.     E-gifts- Sometimes it happens that you are physically not available to celebrate your friend or family member’s birthday. In such a situation, E-gifts or digital gifts come handy. All you need is search for websites that offer you digital gifts like- E-newspapers, E-magazines, Digital Caricatures, etc. Select the one you think will suit them best and go ahead with adding pictures and making payments. Your gift would be ready in no time.

9.     A Personalised Mat- It may sound a little off-topic, but personalised door mats can make a good birthday gift for your friend or family. All you need is to get a doormat that defines the character of the recipient. You can go for doormats with funny quotes or quirky designs on them.

10. Personalised Wine Glasses- A perfect gift for a friend or family member who likes to drink would be a pair of wine or champagne glasses. You can search for any online gifting shop, and you will find a lot of designs and customisation options available. Get the glasses customised with name initials or birthday date, etc. of the recipient and your gift is ready to be gifted.

11. Handwriting Bracelet- Another variation in bracelets would be a bracelet with a wish or name of the receiver, written in your handwriting. Many online sites are doing an amazing job in making your handwritten message, into a bracelet charm, to be tied around your friend’s wrist.

12. Personalised Hampers- Another best personalised gift idea would be a personalised hamper, that can include ‘n’ no. of things in it, depending on your budget. Either you can buy a hamper online or make one yourself, at home. All you will need to make a personalised hamper will be an empty box. Add recipient’s favourite chocolates, planner, pen, skincare products, coffee sachets, gummies, accessories etc. in the box. Decorate it with embellishments or wrap in a beautiful paper wrapping sheet and voila, your gift is ready!

Apart from all these gifts- guitarist on call, video with birthday messages, a handmade scrapbook, etc. are other trending gifts that you can choose to present your friends and family members on their birthday. And these are still a few among 100’s of personalised gifts available online, that you can consider gifting not just on birthday but on an anniversary, promotion, housewarming parties, and more such occasions of your friends and family.


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