sweet dishes

Someone said it well- “Life should not be just long, it should be big”. And to make life BIG, celebrating life even at the lowest is something we should always do.

Currently stuck in this pandemic, we bet- many of you had already celebrated their birthday without a cake. But those people who still have their birthday, have hope. How? Well, we have brought you a list of sweet delights that can be made easily at home. Let’s begin-

1. Sooji ka Halwa– It would be unfair if we had started this list without Sooji ka Halwa in the top. Made with sooji (Semolina), sugar, ghee, and some dry fruits (optional), this sweet dish is a nostalgic treat in itself. Remember how during our childhood, our mother used to treat us with this sweet dish on our birthday. Replenish those days this quarantine and have some sooji ka halwa as your birthday delight.

2. Gole ki Barfi – Another nostalgic treat has to be Gole ki Barfi. Made using grated coconut (dry), khoya or mawa, sugar, cardamom powder (optional), this sweet dish used to be everyone’s favourite. As a kid, we were always eager to know about the recipe of this delicious sweet, so here you have the time, utilise it and make some yummy barfis.

3. Ragda Kulfi – Kulfi in summers used to be the best thing during our childhood days. Remember that one sound of ting-ting of bells in your street and you would run straight to your mom to have a rupee or two, to buy kulfi. The moment you have it, you would run to the kulfi vendor and buy it. Make this cool delight at home on your birthday, and it only requires milk, sugar, rose water (optional), and a handful of chopped dry fruits (optional).

4. Shahi Tukda – Ohh-so-nostalgic! The name in itself smells like royalty. Back when we were kids who knew that some deep-fried pieces of bread, soaked well in sugar syrup and sprinkled with pistachio made shahi tukda. Yes, the recipe to make this royal-feels dish is quite simple and will make a perfect birthday delight. Though cake delivery in Ghaziabad, Delhi and some other selected regions of India has resumed, do try your hand on this mouth-watering dish.

5. Biscuit Cake – We will take it as a lie if you say that you have not ever tried making biscuit or cookie cake in your entire life, till now! And if you haven’t so far, then please try it right away. All you will require is some biscuits (well crushed as powder), some melted butter, melted chocolate (optional), and you are good to go. The best part about this cake is that no oven is required to bake this cake. All you need is to freeze the batter for an hour or so (or maybe less), and it would be ready.

So yes, these are some of those sweet dishes, that made our childhood special. Though we pray that you can order cake online super soon, till then do not forget to try all of these recipes.